Chances at Actuarial Science Programs

Hi everyone! I am a male senior in Connecticut interested in majoring in actuarial science next year. I attend a highly ranked parochial high school. I will chance back!

Freshman year :
Honors Geometry: B+
Honors World History: B+
Advanced Physical Science: A-
Spanish 2: A-
Freshman English: B+
UW GPA: 3.47/4
W GPA: 3.67/4.5

Sophomore year:
Honors Algebra 2: B+
Honors Biology: B+
Honors Spanish 3: B+
Sophomore English: A-
Health (semester long course, honors/ap level not offered): A
Civics (semester long course, honors/ap level not offered): B+
Mechanical Drawing (semester long course, honors/ap level not offered): A
UW GPA: 3.51/4
W GPA: 3.79/4.5

Junior year:
Honors PreCalc/Trig: B
AP US History: B-
Honors Junior English (Am Lit): B+
Honors Chemistry: B
Spanish 4: B+
UW GPA: 3.07/4
W GPA: 3.47/4.5

UW GPA through Junior year: 3.35/4.0
W GPA through Junior year: 3.64/4.5
NOTE: School does NOT report rank

Senior year (course load & first quarter grades, I believe Uconn sees first semester of senior year)
AP CalcAB: A-
Honors Physics: A
Psychology: A
AP Statistics: B+
Honors Senior English (Brit Lit): B
UW GPA: 3.60/4
W GPA: 4.0/4.5
NOTE: I am much more academically focused this year due to a slump of a junior year, I plan to not only keep but also to improve these grades over the course of this year

SATs: 1340/1600, 1960/2400 (740 M 600 CR 620 W)

Notable ECs:
4 years of football (2 varsity)
3 years of golf (2 varsity & senior captain)
Did outdoor and indoor track freshman year (JV Indoor and varsity for outdoor)
Member of National Honors Society
200 hours of volunteering at hospitals, soup kitchens, and nursing homes

Please chance me for getting into AS programs at these schools (I believe AS is easier to get into at most universities, could be wrong)

UConn- Storrs
Boston University
Bentley University
Worcester Polytechnic Institute


UConn- Storrs: match
Boston University: low reach
Bentley University: don’t know anything about bentley
Worcester Polytechnic Institute: high match


Uconn- match
Boston U- low reach
WPI- low reach

NOt sure about bentley sorry!! Best of luck to you!


UConn - match
Boston University - low reach

Don’t know about the others.

Match me :)?