Chances at American Univ or Northeastern


<p>Just wondering, but i am a hs senior with an overall gpa of 3.1 (i kno, its bad), my first quarter senior year gpa avg is 3.6, i am taking 6 classes 3 being honors one being AP. I have taken one other AP, being BIO, received 3.This year i am taking ap enviro sci. I have a total of 7 honors classes. But i go to the Charter School of wilmington, which is the top ranked high school in Delaware, and is known for its very competitive academic program. Every class offered is not below the college prep level. They send 100% students to college, and have highest sat scores in the state. My SAT is 1210. If at american i would be a business admin major if at neu i would be finance. i have volunteered at homless shelter, hospital, adopt a highway, and i tutor. I also have received first place in State Model UN competitions since 10th grade thru 12th. I am President of Future Business Leaders of America chapter at my school.Anyone know if i have a good chance at American Univ, Northeastern Univ, or any other good strong University. I am a local of Delaware so Univ of Delaware is not hard for me. That is one of my top choices too.</p>

<p>I think that you have a good chance at Northeastern University. I dunno to much about American though.</p>

<p>i also forgot, i am varsity golfer since freshman year. thnx. and anyone suggest anyother colleges.</p>

<p>There is not shame in trying to get into any school, you never know what will happen, and I think you have a good shot of making it into American. I also am applying there and it doesn't seem to be super-competitive. Another good school that you might want to check out is Lehigh. It's in Pennsylvania and I think they have good business programs, it's also not that difficult to get into.</p>