Chances at an Ivy esp. Dartmouth?

<p>Hello! I just joined CC and I would like to see whether I have a chance at an Ivy for next year as I am in my junior year. Please give me suggestions in what I can do to make it better and what college I can get into.</p>

<p>Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Asian
Comes from a competitive large public school</p>

6 AP's so far
-9th-AP World I
-10th- AP World II
-11th- (Currently taking) AP Statistics, AP Physics B, AP Lang, AP US, AP Music Theory. (A's in all of them)
All honors since freshman year except my 10th grade math class.
2 B+ in freshman year. 3 B+ soph year (2 from electives)</p>

-Music- Played piano since I was four. Won various awards and certifications. Played violin from fifth grade to soph year. 1st violin 7th grade to 11th grade(Stopped due to academics)
-SciOly (9-present??) - never on a team. Assistant to an event by making practice tests and adding info. School is one of the top teams in the regions and in state.
-Tri-M (10-present) - Volunteers a lot in nursing home and in school events by performing in concerts.
-Quiz Bowl (11-present) - Joined this year.
-Astronomy Club (11-present)- Joined this year.
- Mathletes (9) - Quit every first year
-Volunteered in hospital and in my church last summer.
-Research:Winner of the best research project done in school in freshman year. Nothing last year due to terrible project and partners. (Got me that B+). Planning to work in a lab with a mentor in local labs and send in one of my own projects this year.</p>

SAT: M 790 R 720 W 750
SAT 2: Biology E- 620 Chemistry - 670 World History - 640 (Don't know what happened)
AP: World History 5
GPA: 96/100 Weighted (No unweighted)
Rank: School doesn't rank
Hooks: First generation college on my mom's side??? idk if that counts</p>

<p>Note: I plan to take SAT2 Math 2, US History, Physics this year. I understand that my SAT2 are terrible. I am also hoping for some leadership positions in some of them.</p>

<p>I too want to go to Dartmouth. I think that you would easily get in if you did ED. Just retake you’re SAT II’s</p>