Chances at any UCs?

<p>Junior in NJ (so out of state obviously)
43/508 at public High School. Student in International Studies (IS) magnet program within high school
1980 on SATs in March
680 V
620 M
680 W
retaking on June 4, hoping to atleast break 2000
SAT IIs: 630 Lit, 750 History
Taking Spanish in October</p>

<p>Highest courses available at my school since freshman year, within the IS program I have also taken courses such as international law, political philosophy, etc. AP History and Gov this year, AP Spanish, Eng, Calc and World History next year.</p>

<p>Summer Programs/ECs:
NJ Symposium on Leadership and Politics @ Princeton (3 years in a row)
JSA Summer School at Georgetown University, Foreign Policy (given large scholarship)
Montezuma Leadership Conference in California (One of 60 selected naitonwide to go)
Volunteer with Monmouth County Democrats, 3 years
Intern with State Senator over the summer sophomore year, worked on her election freshman year
Marching Band, Symphonic Band, 4 years Alto Sax, Tenor Sax and Contrabass Clarinet
NHS two years
Lieutenant Governor of the Mid Atlantic State JSA (this is pretty huge, 2nd in command overseeing new jersey to north Carolina, one huge election. held JSA cabinet positions soph and junior year)
Winter and Spring Track 2 Years (Shot Put)
Catholic, involved with Youth Group at my church that just started this year.
Work 15-18 hours a week Junior – Senior year as a waitress at local Italian restaurant</p>

<p>Looking to major in International Relations or Poli Sci. </p>

<p>Knowing that I’ll probably end up living on the east coast, I’m looking for 4 years of something different and interesting, which is why i’m looking at California schools. If anyone has any other suggestions for California Schools (they don’t have to be public) where I would fit in, I would appreciate it. </p>


<p>ooops forgot my GPA...weighted it's a 4.3, i dont really know how to calculate the UC gpa</p>

<p>Your stats are pretty solid. Out of state acceptances are a bit rare for the UC system, but not impossible. It never hurts to apply.</p>

<p>However, the UC's are kind of stingy when it comes to financial aid, so you might want to also apply to some private schools (who are usually more generous) if this is an option. University of San Diego, Loyola Marymount University, and the Claremont colleges are all worth looking at.</p>

<p>The california GPA is hard for out of state students because you will not have the approved honors classes. Merced may be more open to out of state students than the other UCs. You might also consider the clairmont colleges, just outside LA.</p>

<p>Further up the west coast are some decent colleges in Oregon and Washington state. Why California?</p>

<p>UCs schools are very hard to get into frmo out of state. I think you have better chance at going to USC than UCs school from out of state. I have several friends from out of state and even foreign countries that got into USC.</p>

<p>i got in from out of state to ucsd, i'd say relatively similar stats (slightly higher math sat - 700) and slightly different ec's (nasa sharp, nhs, chem tutoring, orchestras).</p>

<p>in terms of uc gpa, i never could figure out what mine was...however, my unweighted gpa was ~3.7...definetely lower than the average accepted uc gpa at ucsd. so i do think some sort of weighting does occur...maybe only on ap/ib courses though...</p>