Chances at BA/MD programs

<p>I applied to several med programs (Brooklyn, Stony Brook, Hofstra) and I was wondering what sort of chances I have to get in. I know admissions are suppossed to be as rigorous as some Ivies. </p>

<p>•GPA: 94.10<br>
•SAT: 2350 (Reading: 800, Math: 750, Writing: 800)
•National Merit Commended Student, 2011
•Advanced Placement Scores: AP European History- 5, AP Biology- 5, AP English Language and Composition- 5, AP U.S. Government and Politics- 5
•AP Scholar With Honors, 2011
•DEAH National Honor Society, 2010-2011
•Spanish Honor Roll, 2011</p>

<p>Extra Curricular Activities
•Science Club (9-12)
•Engineering Club (9-12)
•Debate Team (10-12, Captain)
•College Bowl Team (10-12, Captain)
•Math Club (10-12)
•“Inkling” Literary Publication (11-12, Writer)
•School Newspaper (12, Writer)
•Philosophy Club (12, Founder/Moderator)
•Animal Rescue Action Committee (President, Organizer 11-12)
•Peer Tutoring (10-12)
•School Journal on Issues of Contemporary Science (12, Founder/Writer)
•School Journal on Issues of Politics and Culture (11-12, Founder/Writer/Editor)
•Political Films Club (11-12)
•Mock Trial Team (12)
•Awards: First Place Individual Speaker at the Kushner Invitational Debate Tournament, Achievement and Merit Awards at the Long Island Science Congress, MVP award at quizbowl tournament)</p>

<p>Research Experience
Stony Brook University, Garcia MRSEC, Summer 2011
•Conducted research on the effects of scaffolds containing graphene and graphene oxide on the growth and differentiation of dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) into osteoblasts.<br>
•Entered Siemens Competition and attained semi-finalist status. Plan to enter LICEF competition. </p>

<p>Stony Brook University, SARAS program, July, 2010</p>

<p>•Attended lectures from doctors and researchers in various fields of science and healthcare
•Participated in educational demonstrations for diagnosis and emergency care procedures
•Attended a course on lab safety and received a certificate of lab safety from Stony Brook University Medical Center.</p>

<p>Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor N.Y., July and August 2009</p>

<p>•Attended a thirty hour workshop in recombinant DNA technology.
•Attended a thirty hour workshop in genomic-DNA technology.
•Learned and applied basic laboratory techniques
•Expanded knowledge of genetic technologies in medicine.</p>

<p>Professional Experience</p>

<p>Employment at the office of Dr. Leo Parnes DO:<br>
Dates of service- July and August of 2008, July and August of 2009 ( with three week hiatus to attend workshops at the Dolan DNA Learning Center), and August of 2010.<br>
Hours of Service- Monday: 8-9 hours, Tuesday: 7-8 hours, Thursday: 8-9 hours
Duties- Assistance in the administration of physical therapy procedures, general non-medical physician assistance, clerical and secretarial assignments. </p>

<p>Employment with Hillel Day Camp, Cedarhurst N.Y.:
Dates of Service - July and August of 2008
Hours of Service: Wednesday, Friday: variable hours
Duties: Supervising and assisting a special needs child.</p>

<p>Additional Information
Certified in CPR (July 2009) </p>

<p>Great letters of recommendation, great essays</p>

<p>You have a great chance- Your EC's are your strongest application part by far. 2350 is awesome and though the GPA is a bit low, it's certainly nothing to quarrel over. I'd give you a solid chance of getting into to at least Stony Brook (which I'm assuming is the favorite of the three as you chose to conduct research in their laboratory).
Chance me back for some BA/MD programs and colleges?
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<p>With your stats and ECs, you have a pretty good chance. What would you say is your primary EC? And what is the LICEF competition?</p>

<p>Great chances. Heck, you may want to apply to Brown PLME, Northwestern HPME, and BU's BA/MD program as well, if the deadlines allow(:</p>

<p>Thanks. I'll take a look.</p>

<p>good chances for all of them. one suggestion: delete your post. you put way too much identifying information such as the name of the doctor you shadowed and exact towns of centers and camps. it really isn't safe, so I highly recommend you at least edit your post to remove those details...</p>