Chances at BC, CMU, Brandeis, Tufts... and do any of these school fit my "criteria"?

<p>Hey everyone,
I’m hoping some of you can “chance me” at some of the schools below. Also, if you have any schools you’d like to recommend, feel free to do so! I’m posting my “stats” and some info about what I’m looking for below.</p>

<p>White Female from Northeast, interested in the social sciences/humanities
GPA- 3.83/4 UW 4.88ish W
Rank- 6/210
ACT- 31 (I’m retaking this Saturday and expecting a 32… if I am incredibly lucky, a 33)
Courses- All honors or AP except for required electives. I’ll graduate with 8 APs which is a lot for my school
ECs- I think I’m fairly solid in this area. I won’t bore you with a list but I have one large passion that comes across in my application, I’m involved with sports and serve as my team’s captain, I hold a few steady leadership positions around school, I’m very involved in community service, and I’ve worked year round since freshman year…etc. etc. I don’t have any extraordinary ECs but I wouldn’t say I’m lacking ECs either. I’d say I’m pretty involved.
Recommendations- I haven’t read either, but one of the teachers who wrote mine told me that he wrote a really great letter and said that it was one of his easiest recommendations to write. I’m a little worried about the other though because though I’m not extremely quiet, I wasn’t incredibly active in conversation and participation in my other recommender’s class. I know the teacher likes me as a person and thinks I’m a strong writer (English teacher), but I’m worried he might label me as not being actively involved in class discussions. : (</p>

Boston College
Carnegie Mellon University

<p>My ideal school would be:
-between 3500 and 7000 students
-in the northeast
-have a somewhat quirky student body… diversity in the way people dress/talk/act…but I’m not looking for a super artsy or hippy school either… I just want a school with down to earth kids where not everyone is crazy into the party scene
-not much in the way of greek life, or a very non-stereotypical greek life
-a fairly good reputation academically</p>

<p>So what do you think my chances are at the schools I have listed… (it is not a complete list of the schools I’m applying to)? Do you think any of them at least somewhat match my ideal criteria? Can you think of any schools that match my criteria better?</p>

<p>Anyone ?</p>