chances at berkeley

<p>UC GPA: 3.8
6 AP's by graduation, 5's on two already
700's on SAT subject tests
2200 on SAT
32 on ACT</p>

<p>lots of extracurriculars
a few service projects</p>

<p>out of state</p>

<p>whats with the sat/gpa discrepancy?</p>

<p>being an out of state, it could be hard for you. what's the major that you are going to apply under?</p>

<p>Sorry my UC GPA was posted incorrectly. It's actually 4.15. I plan on being either undeclared or prelaw.</p>

<p>that would put you in the college of L S, which will be easier to make. i think you have a really good shot at it. if you are a california resident, you will be in for sure.</p>

<p>what's college of L S?</p>

<p>letters and science</p>


<p>UCB: Slight Reach (out of state)</p>