Chances at Big Ten Engineering Schools

<p>Chances at the following engineering schools please:
-Purdue University
-University of Michigan
-University of Wisconsin
-Penn St.</p>

<p>Purdue is my top choice. I live in Colorado.</p>

GPA (W): 3.93
Rank (W): ~140/842</p>

<p>GPA (UW): 3.38
Rank (UW): 271/842</p>

<p>ACT: 26
SAT: 1770 (540 CR, 630 M, 590 W)
APs: 3s in AP Eng. Lang, AP Chemistry, and AP Spanish lang
4 in AP U.S. History</p>

<p>I sent my online application last Friday and Purdue got my transcript from my school sometime this week</p>

<p>I have two very good letters of reccommendation.</p>

<p>My brother has a masters degree from Purdue, so I have legacy.</p>

<p>I have a very rigorous senior year schedule which inlcudes 5 APs: AP Calculus BC, AP Biology, AP Microeconomics, AP U.S Government, AP English Literature </p>

<p>Academic Achievements
-Honor Roll (2003-2006)
-Academic Letter (2003-2006)
-Member of National Honor Society (2005-2006) </p>

<p>Extracurricular Achievements
-Varsity Member of the Speech & Debate Team (2003-2006)
-State Qualifier in Public Forum Debate (2006)
-Accumulated 650 NFL Points (2003-2006)
-Special Distinction in the National Forensics League (2006)
-Speech and Debate Letter (2004-2006)
-Science Research Project: "Statistical Analysis of the Geographic Distribution of Multiple Sclerosis" (2006)
-Honorable Mention at the Denver Metro Science Fair (2006)
-Member of the Colorado-Wyoming Junior Academy of Sciences (2006)
-Member of Chess Club (2006) </p>

-Organized Special Olympics Basketball Tournament (2003)
-Volunteered at Islamic Society of North America Regional Convention (2004)
-Volunteered at Islamic Society of North America National Convention (2005)
-Hospital Volunteer Work
-Over 30 hours of volunteer work at Sky Ridge Medical Center (2006)
-Over 25 hours of volunteer work at Centennial Medical Plaza (2006)</p>

<p>Please let me know what you guys think my chances are. i am very anxious, and nervous. Any help would be gladly appreciated.</p>

<p>Good for all of them.</p>


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<p>please guys, any help would be great</p>

<p>your forensics background and research project + chess look good.</p>

<p>I don't know why. Oh shi-- I think chess has a tangible subconscious effect on my opinion of you, combined with your other ECs.</p>

<p>But your rank is unspectacular, of course. Also, your APs, ACT, and SAT aren't super.</p>

<p>Make sure you raise your SAT. Please. For the sake of your chances.
I think you look pretty good, but seeing as how your second weakest spot is your SAT score, and the fact that it's a one-off easy to raise number, just do it. Also:
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>And write write write for the essay.</p>


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<p>For the love of God... could some people please post my chances for those four universities (keeping in mind I want to get into their engieering schools). Sorry if I am being anal, I'm just really nervous</p>

<p>For the love of God, could you please stop bumping? Really</p>

<p>Michigan - huge reach (very low SATs, low GPA, low rank)
Penn State - match
Wisconsin - Madison (?) - high match/reach (low SATs, low GPA, low rank0
Purdue for Engineering - high match</p>

<p>bump bump bump.... thanks for those who have given input</p>

<p>U'll get into purdue....</p>

<p>who gets rejected at purdue?</p>


<p>I know I will get into Purdue. I am just nervous that I won't get into the engineering school, and that I will be placed in my alternate school, the "College of Science"</p>

<p>oh ok...........</p>



<p>Just got accepted to Purdue. :)</p>

<p>As a result, I am not going to apply to Wisconsin or Penn St. (I like Purdue more)</p>

<p>nice good job</p>

<p>cool... didn't i tell u u'll get into purdue?</p>


<p>Thanks guys. I was really happy when I heard.</p>

<p>did you get into the engineering school?</p>