Chances at boston college and boston university

<p>Do i have a chance?</p>

<p>-SAT 1170
-GPA. 3.64
-Lots of ECS. dont want to bore you with an entire list (most people in the forum here never read them all)
-6 ap classes, 3 of them independent study. passed all 5 tests with 3 and higher.
-My essay is about potatoes
-I am a catholic
-top 18th% in my graduating class</p>

BU-Slight match</p>

<p>Try to retake the SAT if you can, hope for a 200point rise (yes that is alot), and bring up the grades a tad more, and then I'd say you have a good shot at BU.</p>

<p>Already graduated, so i really cant do anything about GPA (note, graduated top 18 in my class). I am retaking the SAT to sooth my ego (taking it in december so it wont influence my standing). Only thing i can affect currently is my essay, which I hope can lift my chances a bit.. This is for jan admission</p>

<p>Thx for the reply..</p>

<p>Oh yes and btw, i took the sat 3 times already (slight progression, first time 1070 to 1170). Do colleges take the highest Verbal and highest math score then add those up? In that case, i would have I think a 1240 :)</p>

<p>If that's the case I'd say you have a good shot at BU.</p>