Chances at Brandeis RD??

I’m getting really anxious about decisions and would like some input.

I go to a public school in MA. I’m a white female.

GPA: 4.1
UWGPA: around 3.85

I am ranked 20 out of about 215 students

ACT: 30

APs: I passed APUSH and Physics 1 (only two I took junior year and my school only allows us to take APs starting junior year.) I plan to pass Physics C, Psych, and Biology this year.

Foreign language honor society
National honor society
Student Council
peer mentors
community service

My essay was pretty unique and I had several english teachers read it and give advice.

Lmk what you guys think.

I would suggest using this site called Naviance, it allows you to see the GPA and SAT scores of other students who got in or denied to Brandeis. However, using my school’s data (also a MA public), it’s clear you’re above the profile of students who applied to Brandeis and got accepted. Again, though, check your school’s data to see if that might be tougher, because what goes at my school may not at yours.