Chances At Brown Ed

<p>Im an indian kid, who goes to a catholic school in new york.</p>

g.p.a - 3.97
sat- 750v 700m
sat2's- writing: 780, math 1c: 750, us history: 760, chem and bio: 740</p>

<p>i have maxed out my ap program at my school.</p>

<p>ap chem: 4
ap us: 5</p>

*research 2 years: Yale Science and Engineering award
Siemens Westinghouse semifinalist
*on editorial board for an international science research journal
* volunteered 2 years in India with orphaned children
* Tennis: JV capatin
Varsity for 3 years
All- League
2nd place in league torunament for 2 years in a row</p>

<li>memeber of USTA and am ranked 20th in the region</li>
<li>some inane school clubs and NHS.</li>

<p>Essay and recs:
all my recs are really good esspecially my guidance counselors.
my essay i have been told is also really good.</p>

<p>*if it makes a difference i have contacted the chairman of the physics dept. at Brown. I am going up to met him sometime in the next 2 weeks.</p>

<p>well i all ready sent my app in, and i know its really up to chance but i was just wondering if anyone here could give me an idea of my chances.</p>

<p>i forgot to mention that i was team leader for both my research projects.</p>

<p>oh and im a national merit commended scholar</p>

<p>im also in the top 3-4 % of my class</p>

<p>I think you have a somewhat better chance than the overall 27% ED admit rate because of your research and the Siemens award. You sound like an excellent candidate - but be sure to hedge your bets and have your RD apps ready to roll.</p>

<p>anyon else</p>

<p>Good chance.</p>

<p>does being from outside of rhode island help or hurt your chances of getting into brown?? i read that brown is 95% in state and found this hard to believe, maybe it is actually 95% out of state?</p>

<p>It's definitely 95% out of state...</p>

<p>anyone else have an input</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure it isn't 95% in-state OR out of state. When it's 16% overall, there can't be that much of a disparity.</p>

<p>I have the facts right here from 2004.
96% were from out of state
85% live on campus</p>

<p>Your research is good, if it is published. Then it can be efficently used in your application If I had to give a percentage, I'd say you have 55% chance of getting accepted with ED, 25-30% otherwise. </p>

<p>Brown is big on Alumnai. They have a more than 200% chance over a normal applicant with the same qualifications.</p>