Chances at BU ED?

Hi everyone! I am planning on doing Early Decision for BU but I am not sure if my application is strong enough.

Here are my stats

  • 3.9 W GPA (A little low but many many people from my private school have gotten in with 3.4 and 3.5’s)
  • 33 ACT
  • Prez. of Community Service Council
  • Prez. of Med Club
  • Member of Future Teens in Medicine
  • Mentor with Girls in White Coats
  • Paid internship at renowned hospital
  • Name published in multiple medical essays and papers
  • Good rec. letters

Only problem is that I was suspended sophomore year for one day for plagiarism and stealing as essay. It was long time ago and my guidance counselor has seen me grow and is going to write a rec. letter explaining that. Really want to know how this suspension will affect my application and whether its a dealbreaker (even if I explain it thoroughly and well on the application).


You sound totally qualified. As for the suspension, I think you’ve got to own it. Maybe not in your Common App but perhaps in a separate essay. By doing so you can shape the narrative and use this essay to show humility and growth. Everybody screws up at some point in their lives. Look at Joe Biden, he plagiarized a speech many years ago. He owned up to it and apologized. People gave him a second chance and look at where he is today!