Chances at Bucknell ED2/RD

Hi Y’all
I just got deferred from my ED school and am currently looking into ed2 alternatives. Bucknell is one of my top choices because of its strong business school and alumni network. I was wondering if any of you could offer me some insight into my ed2 chances at Bucknell. I’m aware that Bucknell has a high ed acceptance rate but I’m wondering if that travels down to its ed2 acceptance rate.
Here are my stats:
GPA: 3.62 UW 4.17 W
10 AP classes taken, finishing with A’s or B’s
Captain of cross country team, 4 year varsity athlete in 3 sports
Vice President of the Black Brown Student Union
Heavy volunteer ECs: Leaders club, National Honors Society, and Chinese after-school.
Drawbacks: going test optional and lower class rank due to a super competitive high school and a few B’s.
I am planning on being a business major on the pre-law track. ( Maybe a minor in Poli-Sci)
I wrote my common app on the concept of pain and how pain can positively contribute to ones life.
So, what do y’all think? Any opinions or feedback is welcomed!

I can’t evaluate your essay topic. If it worked for you then great. Your rank is low but is your HS competitive ? Maybe it outperforms the norms? And what’s low? You might see 20% as low where I see 50% as low. You didn’t share your rank.

Bucknell is a fine school. But there are many other fine schools. Can you afford it ? Why do you have to ED?

Business is their hardest school to get into and ED is about 45% of all enrollees. I don’t think ED2 is lesser as you ask. If you get in, they have you.

You’ll likely get in. Their avg GPA is where your unweighted is. They don’t showhether they’re is weighted or not.

Half applied TO. I didn’t see acceptance rates by TO or not but it likely won’t hurt you…not anymore. If it does, likely only slightly.

Bucknell is a fine school but make sure you can afford it before you lock in ED. While it’s solid, it’s not a nationally known name and there are many other fine programs that might offer you a similar experience at a lower cost and you won’t have a chance to compare if going ED.

As for pre-law…

  1. your LSAT and GPA, not your school, will matter more.

2). There is no pre law major so dont feel forced into poli-sci

3). Law school is expensive. No idea of your financial situation but keep undergrad costs low if possible.

What is your tie in with law and business ? What type of law do you want to study/ practice.

good luck to you

You should probably be aware that Bucknell is relatively non-diverse and has had a few notable issues with racist and homophobic acts on campus the past few years. I would make sure you are comfortable with their DEI plans before committing to a binding decision.

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