chances at CALS... pretty please?

<p>hi there. i'd like to know my chances at cornell (CALS) as a high school senior.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.9 unweighted, 4.7 weighted
courseload: most rigorous possible; 10 AP's and dual enrollment classes
Rank: none ;-)</p>

<p>SAT: 2260
ACT: 35
SAT II: 800, 800, 770
AP: 5's on 8 exams, 4's on 2 others</p>

<p>recognitions: national ap scholar, national olympiad semifinalist, forensics awards, columbia science honors program, AIME qualifier, merck science day scholar, nominated by my school for both a science-related governor's school and a lesser-known humanities program and got into both, local community service recognition</p>

<p>activities: forensics, JSA, NHS, ACLU, environmental club, model congress, french club, worked as a private tutor</p>

senior year - pres of 4 clubs, vp of 1, secretary of 2 (officer in every club)
junior year - pres of 2, vp of 2, publicist of 1, founder of 1
sophomore year - pres of 1, founder of 1 (not the same one)</p>

<p>summers: state governor's school program, college course in environmental management, four acceleration courses over the past three years to skip ahead in math and science</p>

<p>basically i want to combine my backgrounds and experiences in biology and public policy (but primarily focus on bio, which is why i'm applying to CALS as opposed to CAS) and major in biology & society. i talked to a CALS admissions officer about why i picked this as my major and he agreed with what i said in terms of how it fits my background and aspirations, so i'm pretty confident i'm picking the right one. i'm thinking of picking natural resources as my second-choice major, but i'm still not decided on that quite yet.</p>

<p>i know getting into cornell isn't an exact science and nobody can predict exactly what my chances are, but i would appreciate some advice or anything else you have to offer anyway.</p>


<p>ur fine. just write good essays and see what happens.</p>

<p>cool, thanks kryptoniteman. anyone else?</p>

<p>bump .</p>

<p>SHP! I do that too... did you happen to take developmental psych or pathogenesis and immunity last year? (BTW, i'm also very interested in cals)</p>