Chances at Carlson School of Management

<p>What are my chances at this school? This is definitely the college I most desire to attend.
Act = 28, Cumulative GPA = 3.5, top 25% (I THINK)</p>

<p>1 Honors class freshman year (honors geometry),
5 Honors classes sophomore year
6 Honors classes junior year
4 AP classes and 1 Honors class senior year
-have NOT taken an economics class, as my high school doesn't offer one</p>

<p>My ECs are lacking...I was in jv/varsity CC for two years, varsity golf for four years, concert band (which counts as a class at school) for four years, and jazz band for one year, and only forty hours of community service logged, and three paying jobs (two different golf course grounds crews, and retail sales associate)</p>

<p>If it helps at all, both my brother and sister graduated from U of M, and my brother works there as a network administrator currently.</p>