Chances at CMU or Chicago

<p>I was hoping someone could help give me an idea of my chances at some of my schools or help me with my lists. Anything would be appreciated. Here's my lists, and some info about me. (I'm looking to study music.)</p>

Top 10% of class of over 300
Weighted GPA 3.97
SAT I - 1470 on first attempt, hopefully 1500 by next year
I haven't yet taken ACT or SAT II's</p>

Staff Writer and Music Editor of award-winning school 'literary' magazine
Symphonic Band - flute
Orchestra - double bass
Local Performing Flute Choir
Church Flute Choir
Church Jazz Band - flute</p>

<p>Safety--Dusquene, Penn State, University of Pittsburg</p>

<p>Match--Ok, I actually can't think of any. Everywhere I want to go I consider a reach. </p>

<p>Reach--Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago, Notre Dame</p>

<p>Any help expanding or rearranging my list would be really appreciated. I've gone to college fairs, and done a fair amount of research. I still can't find anything that I would call a 'match'. Thanks.</p>