chances at CMU, Tufts, Michigan...

<p>Hey everyone! I'm a junior and I wanted to know if I have a shot of getting into the schools that I would like to go to. Let me know what you think. I plan on majoring in electrical or computer engineering and im a female.</p>

<p>SAT: 2110 (M:790, V:640, W: 680)
GPA: UW-3.6 W-i think around 4.2
classes: 11th grade: AP Physics B, AP Physics C, AP Calc AB, hon Eng, hon world history, principles of engineering, robotics
12th grade: AP Comparative Politics, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics, MV Equations, health/robotics, introduction to engineering design (i think thats what its called...), hon english
school does not rank
FIRST robotics- president, in charge of finances
youth group- international webchair, council webchair, held many board positions and chairs on chapter level, won scholarship to attend leadership summer program, attended 2 leadership summer programs, planned many programs and conventions
sailing- not much experience with racing, so not good enough to be on a varsity team
guitar- throughout high school but nothing special
I fix computers at my school during lunch- currently have around 300 hrs community service as a result
summer job at NIST
volunteering at the folklife festival for 2 wks this summer</p>

<p>Chances at:
Carnegie Mellon University
Tufts University
University of Michigan
University of Rochester
Case Western Reserve
University of Wisconsin
Penn State</p>

<p>I doubt Case Western would be a problem, same with Penn State. Speaking as a female who applied to EE at CMU I think you have a shot; if it doesn't work you'd probably be accepted to the college of Engineering there. Dunno that much about the others.</p>

<p>, add university of rochester to the list</p>