chances at colleges...

<p>From CT, asian...</p>

<p>Im a junior now, by the time i apply ill have...
3.9 weighted GPA
Varsity Track, Captain Track
Varsity Wrestling, Captain Wrestling Team
Varsity Debate, Captain Debate Team
Sophomore Year - 5th place in state finals
SAT - 2000
SAT2 - 750, 750, 700
This year (junior year) taking 4 APs, 3 honors
150 hours volunteer hours
academic tutor
little league baseball head umpire
FBLA Treasurer
Head of Peer Mediation
Ribbons on National Latin exams freshman and sophomore year
Transition Leauge Committe</p>

<p>So, what are my chances at good colleges... not talking elite like princeton harvard and yale, but more like...</p>

<p>University of Michigan (parents taught there)
University of California Berkeley (parents and older brother went there)
University of Texas, Austin
UPENN - (mom went to)</p>

<p>Any other schools you guys might reccomend?</p>


<p>You're in at UT and Cal (hooray legacies!)...UPenn I'd say you're strong with your ECS but your SAT score is kinda low. Retake?</p>


<p>UCB: Slight Reach (out of state)</p>

<p>hahaha...try norwalk community college or maybe bob jones university.</p>

<p>and since when are you captain of track?</p>

<p>The UCs totally ignore legacies, so that won't help you out.</p>

<p>upenn in, legacy is good stuff</p>