chances at columbia and others ivies

<p>By the way i attended the Texas Academy of Math and Science for my junior and currently my senior year. Its a program based in University of N. Texas where you get college credits and a highschool diploma. </p>


Rank 11 out of 740
World History AP: 5
Human Geography AP: 5</p>


<p>GPA 3.91</p>

<p>high level college courses in math and science. Also did music theory and economics.
point to make: my courseload is hopefully unique compared to most highschool goers.</p>

<p>SAT: 780M 730V
SAT IIs</p>

<p>800 World Hist, 800 Math II C, 790 Chem, 690 Writing</p>

<p>ACT: 33</p>

<p>Work experience:
10 wks research at UT Southwestern</p>

<p>Extra Currics</p>

<p>Piano 10 years, Sending Tape
Classical Indian Singing 7 yrs
Choir 3 yrs</p>

<p>Programming: C++, C, Java
Web Design: 6 yrs</p>

<p>ARRL General Radio License</p>

<p>Community Service:</p>

<p>SEVA (Students Engaged in Volunteering Activities)
- Local community service group I helped form
- Webmaster and Senior Advisor
- organized and started an annual community spelling bee for charity.
- <a href=""&gt;;/a>
- various community events focused on but not limited to the Indian community.</p>

<p>Active Volunteer at Chinmaya Mission: Local Hindu Center</p>

<p>Student Council Comittee Head
TAMS Ping-Pong Club President
TAMS Pool Club Vice President
TAMS Medical Society Active Member
TAMS HOPE Community Service Club Active Member</p>

<p>Well-Done Essays and Good Recs? Im hoping this TAMS reputation factor really helps, we usualyl have lots of graduates get into top schools from this academy.</p>


<p>would 2 yrs of college credits help?</p>

<p>people in my school told me that if you got sat above 1500, you are half-way in the Columbia, I don't know about the validity of this statement...but good luck on you</p>

<p>that would be great but im pretty sure thats not true. bump</p>

<p>nkgoyal do you go to highschool or instead are you taking classes at college?</p>

<p>50-50 atleast I'd say</p>

<p>You look, to me, like a stong candidate.</p>

<p>nsox, i go to tams: texas academy of math and science, its a joint highschool college program at unt. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>