Chances at Columbia?

<p>I'm a junior from this small, selective school in Taiwan (we only have around 60 ppl per grade,) and I'm wondering about my chances at Columbia. We've consistently sent students to Harvard/MIT/Yale/Columbia throughout the past decade, but I'm still pretty confused about the American system and I'm unsure if I should apply.
My average GPA: 4.1 (weighted; our transcripts don't give us the unweighted ones somehow)
rank: 12th (we only have 60 people per grade, 16 of which have 4.0s or above)
SAT I CR: 760 M:740 W:700
SAT II Chinese: 800 Bio:730
AP Bio: 5 Chinese:5
I'm currently taking AP Euro and AP Chem, and I have 12 honors/AP credits from 9th grade til now. (so add five to that by senior year.)
Total APs by then: bio, chem, calc, euro, gov, studio art, eng, chinese, econ</p>

MUN (as both press and delegates, assistant editor of some MUN press teams and 3 years of experience in this)
Journalism (Editor and translator of our school newspaper; 3 yrs)
Debate (won a few local/national tournaments; 3 yrs)
Student Council (exec. council member; 3yrs)
Interact (local branch of rotary; 2yrs)
Violin (which i took up in seventh grade as an interest)
Painting (a developed portfolio and some local awards)</p>

<p>Attended GYLC and was nominated honorable member (which rlly isn't that big of an accomplishment, to be honest)
Worked as a translator for ASC 2007 (Asian Science Camp; it's pretty prestigious since several nobel laureates (five?) came and gave lectures.)
[this is a cursory list of my ECs]</p>

<p>I don't know what should be my hooker, since the bilingual/multi-cultural thing is a bit overused (I went to the states when I was in seventh grade and started to learn English then. It was hard at first but I think my English improved considerably, though I wouldn't call myself to be a great writer.) The two years that I spent living in the States really changed my perspectives in so many ways, it was phenomenal; but I'm scared that with my limited expressions I will only make myself sound even more stereo-typical than I already am (academically.) Can you guys give me some suggestions and tell me if I should even apply to Columbia or not? Thanks so much!</p>

<p>It's worth a shot. You'll probably be on the edge if your school has a good rapport with Columbia. If not, you likely won't make it. Still, you can't get in if you don't apply. GL</p>

<p>I don't see any passion in what you've said here. What is your main interest? What do you love to do? Figure it out and explore it more thoroughly - it will make a world of difference in your application and essays. Good luck</p>

<p>don't just list your resume something that makes you distinctive.</p>

<p>well. you are pretty competitive.</p>

<p>good luck..</p>

<p>You're competitive, but it is utimately a crapshoot.</p>