Chances at Competitive School

<p>So, I'm looking around at a variety of schools, sent in my applications, and nervously await they're arrival. Can I get some estimates from the rest of y'all's about what my chances are.</p>

<p>A little bit about me:</p>

<p>White Male, Upper-Middle Class, No financial aid needed. Attend an EXTREMELY competitive private school in Cleveland Ohio, and have mediocre to okay to mediocre grades. </p>

<p>Freshman year: 3.33 (Don't judge me)</p>

<p>Sophmore Year: 3.67 (Improvement right.... right.... Please ) Additionally, one AP Class (Statistics)</p>

<p>Junior Year: 3.78 (We're getting better)... More AP's, (English, History, Math)</p>

<p>Senior Year: 4.0 (Finally, we have arrived) Crapload of AP's (English, English, History, History, Math: NOT TYPOS, take more english and history classes. Still take Science, but I dropped foreign language, which was Chinese)</p>

<p>That creates a cummulative grade of 3.7ish... </p>

<p>Now test scores: SAT's Writing (780) English (780) Math (760)... So 2320... ACT's (32)... So I think they're pretty good.</p>

<p>Finally EC's (This is where it improves)</p>

<p>Debate 9,10,11,12 Team Captain senior year... Nationally recognized (12th in the country Junior Year, senior year, we'll see but there's a STRONG possibility of outdoing last year)</p>

<p>Mock Trial: 11,12 I'm Okay</p>

<p>Intramural Sports: 10,11,12 (I'm not that much of an athlete and by not much, I mean NOT)</p>

<p>House Captain: (I go to a pretentious school that has all harry potter fancy schmancy names, but whatever, it's a significant honor). </p>

<p>There are more, but those are probably the most impressive....</p>


<p>Went to Honduras in my Sophomore and Junior years to help build an orphanage</p>

<p>Spent about 50+ hours of political volunteering</p>

<p>So I think that should be pretty good.</p>

<p>Awards/Commendations: Recognized for being the best English student in the school, the best Debater in the school, best Jazz Musician, and finally, one 3-4 essay contests, and placed 2nd in the Junior year speaking contest (It's kinda a big deal)....</p>

<p>So, finally, the schools to which I applied, or at least the ones I'm have SIGNIFICANT questions about getting into</p>

<p>Brown University (Dream School, the rest are in no particular order)
UC - Berkeley

<p>So those are the ones I'm SCARED about. Any imput about my questions. I serioussssssslsy appreciate it, thanks</p>

<p>Seriously guys, 400 reviews and no help. Please, I'm freakin out here</p>

<p>There's a separate Chances forum for this kind of thing. </p>

<p>Anyway, you're looking pretty good for pretty much everywhere. Berkeley and the Ivies might be a bit of a reach but you're in the range. GPA may hurt a little but it's not bad, and your SATs and ECs are good. Taken any subject tests?</p>

<p>What school are you from in Cleveland so I can assess you properly? Gilmour by chance?? I'm from Cleveland too! :)</p>

<p>GILMOUR???? Don't make me laugh. No, I go to US (MUCH harder academically). Plus, I saw the chances forum after I posted this, but I figured deleting it wouldn't be a suuuuuuper productive</p>

<p>Also looking at Wesleyan... PLEASE CHANCE ME, promise I'll chance back</p>

<p>i think you are in for all except brown (reach for everyone). nice sat scores!</p>

<p>chance me back</p>

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<p>bump bump bump bump bump</p>

<p>what school do you go to?</p>

<p>and what debate event? I'm sorry but i dont think you were 12th in the nation, unless you do public forum, which i guess i would believe, but dont really consider 'debate'</p>

<p>Boo Btangbang. Only a debate elitist would make such a statement about public forum. Funny that the National Forensics League calls it debate, but you do not. Obviously OP went to Nationals---should be a real plus!</p>

<p>Brown University (Dream School, the rest are in no particular order: 35% shot
Vassar: 70% shot
Hamilton: In
Colgate: 85% shot
UC - Berkeley: 60% shot
Bowdoin: 60% shot
Colby: In
Bates: In
Dartmouth: 35% shot
Rice: 60% shot</p>

<p>@slipper1234 I'm pretty sure the OP was applying for the Class of 2014 and already received his decisions back in March/April :)</p>

<p>I wonder how the OP ended up college admissions decisions-wise.</p>

<p>no offense
but these stats are mediocre</p>