Chances at Competitive Schools

<p>I'm looking at Berkeley and Yale, but they're reaches for me. I am seriously considering a major in ancient or classical history. Here are my stats:
White female in rural Washington
Crowded school in a farming town, I live on a tree farm.
Hardest clasload possible- 3 AP classes and an honors class junior year, 4 APs this year.
GPA: 3.94 unweighted, top 2% of class of 700 (my only non-A's were in freshman math, so my if I apply to a school that doesn't count freshman year, such as the uc's, I have a 4.0 weighted)
SAT: 780M 720 V
Honors English
Honors Science
Freshman Jazz Band
Freshman Concert band
Western History
Competitive Sports
Trigonometry </p>

Honors English
PE & Health
Advanced Jazz Band
Wind Ensemble
French 1 & 2 </p>

Honors English
AP US History
AP Chemistry
AP Calculus
Wind Ensemble
French 3 & 4
Advanced Jazz Band
Wind Ensemble </p>

AP English
Government/Central Intelligence
AP Stats
AP Physics
French 5 & 6
Wind Ensemble
Advanced Jazz Band </p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:</p>

<p>Music: (trombone)
-Jazz band
-Wind ensemble
-Pep band
-Marching band
-Jazz camp and marching band camp during the summer.
-Most outstanding musician- jazz band- 9th grade
-Outstanding soloist awards at festivals
-All-state solo and ensemble 11th
-Expect to make all-state bands this year
-Community theater musicals every year in high school
-Youth Symphony outside of school </p>

-Soccer on a local league 9,10,11,12
-Track and field, 3 year letter so far, placed 1st a invitational 10th grade, 3rd in league and 5th in districts last year (high jump)
-Skiing- won 2nd in a race held by my skii school 9th </p>

<p>Key Club- Expecting vice or prez this year
Environmental Club- co-prez
Science Club- no position because of athletics, but placed in statewide competitions
Prez of School's chapter of NHS
Vice Prez of French Club</p>

<p>Part of a "big-brother/sister" sort of organization, volunteered in my "brother's" classroom twice a week, over 100 hours there </p>

<p>75+ hours of other random community service </p>

<p>French student of the quarter
English student of the quarter
Chemistry student of the quarter
Possibly band student of the quarter
Silver Award for National Scholastic Art and Writing Competition</p>

<p>Job a local retail store- 11th and 12th</p>

<p>Other Info
I am vegan- will write essays about that perhaps</p>

<p>Do I have a chance at Berkeley or Yale, or any other competitive college with a good history program (that you can recommend?)</p>

<p>Why you say Berkeley is a reach? Its more matched or even safety for you. Yale is another matter, it's a toss up for just about anyone. Have you consider Yale EA?</p>