Chances at Cornell, Johns Hopkins, RPI, etc

What are my chances at Cornell Uni, RPI, Johns Hopkins, University of Rochester, Lehigh University, SUNY Buffalo, and Clarkson

Major: ChemE
GPAuw 4.0
ACT 32
SAT II Bio 790
SAT II Math 2 will take in October, aiming for 800
Ap/college classes: AP world history (no course self studied) 5, AP bio 4, AP US history 5, SUPA Forensics-A, College Spanish 1 given by Albany University, 100 on chemistry regents, and 100 on us history regents. The rest of my classes are honors
Senior Year classes: CAD Engineering, College Physics given by OCC, Ap Calc BC, creative writing, and economics and government

Captain of Varsity Swim Team
Varsity swimming: 5 years
Club Swimming: 10 years
Trumpet since 5th grade
Tuba since 9th grade
National Honor Society
Math Honor Society
Science Honor Society
Community Service Club
Recycling Club
Special Olympics helper
Did Track for 2 years
Did Cross Country for 2 years

ACT subscores
English 31
Math 33
Reading 32
Writing 11
Combined Eng/Writing 31

Cornell- High Match
RPI - Safety
Johns Hopkins- High Match
University of Rochester Low Match

really? I thought rpi would be a match school

RPI-Low match/safety
Johns Hopkins-Reach
Don’t know anything about University of Rochester.

Your scores are solid but nothing special (in fact probably on the lower end) for Cornell and JHU. GPA is excellent. Your EC’s are not as strong. Your only leadership position is captain of swim team. And none of your EC’s really demonstrate a passion for anything. As an adcom, I would have no idea what you are interested in and what makes you special.

thanks, and really? I thought with the total years I’ve been swimming that it would show I was passionate about swimming

@fragreater8 Nah, with your stats RPI is a safety. I mean, low match at it’s highest really.

Yeah, I can see you were passionate about swimming. But is that something you plan to continue in college? Do you plan on being a varsity athlete? By passions, I was talking more about career aspirations and the extracurriculars you might join in college. For example, you mentioned that your intended major is Chemical Engineering, but you seem to have no science and engineering based EC’s.

Yeah I do intend on continuing swimming in college and if there were any science or engineering clubs at my high school I definitely would have joined but unfortunately my school lacks clubs and the diversity of them

May I ask how youdecided you wanted to major in chemical engineering? Have you had any handds-on experience with it?

Well I put ChemE but I’m not 100% certain yet. I want to do Engineering because I love math and science and solving problems and I picked ChemE for now since Chemistry was my favorite science