Chances at Cornell

<p>Hey everyone, first post</p>

<pre><code> I am currently a community college student and am looking to transfer to Cornell CALS. The admissions people there have been very helpful and very encouraging, but I suppose thats what they are paid for.

  I have a 3.0 at community and I work 40 plus hours a week. I read somewhere else on the forum that they understand that community students work primarily. I will probably have all my pre-reqs done for the spring semester. Beyond that I primarily spend my time writing.

 What I was wondering was this: do I stand a chance in hell to get accepted? What are the odds of being accepted for spring semester? Is it harder or easier or about the same?


<p>Thank you so much for any help you can give!</p>

<p>With a 3.0 GPA from a community college? I wouldn’t count on it…</p>

<p>I think it depends a lot on the classes you have taken. A 3.0 is not ideal, but it’s not an absolute application breaker, especially considering you work 40 hours a week. As someone who has worked 40 hours a week, I understand how difficult it can be to accomplish anything outside of work. If you have taken difficult classes, maintained a decent GPA, while working full time, I think you can argue that you deserve a chance based on work ethic alone. Of course there is no guarantee, but it’s not all numbers.</p>

<p>Just give it hell, and you never know!</p>