Chances at Dartmouth College and Washington University in St. Louis?

<p>I got....</p>

<p>3.95 GPA unweighted, because there's no weighted, and i'm in the top 4%, ranked number 20. My class is really smart there are like 10 4.0's who are all ranked #1.
33 ACT, with strengths in math and science
2200 SAT
I take all the AP classes, I will have taken like 11 tests by the time i graduate.
Im taking 3 SAT II's pretty soon...
I do a whole bunch of volunteering at two different hospitals, and i volunteer as a lacrosse coach, and I organized a small, annual charity event. I was a little curious, because I have been reading lots of these "chances at wherever" posts and all these cats have like research at Harvard Medical School and an internship at the MIT biology lab and stuff like that...there aren't really any opportunities like that where I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis ya know? that would be really lame if that killed my chances because I would do that kinda stuff if i could...hopefully my extracurricular junk is okay.
Anyway I also play 2 sports, one in the spring one in the fall, and in the winter I do science olympiad, math team and rocket team
My recommendations should be alright...the teacher probably wont say I am the smartest kid they have ever met ever, but I think i have a unique personality so that might help
I tried to write a unique essay so i wrote about how my favorite guitar player has influenced my understanding of art and aesthetics, which I think should be alright.</p>

<p>So yeah, just wondering what you think! I am not too worried because I know i'll get into the University of Minnesota, and I love it there, so these two schools are just to see what happens.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>I was pretty similar #s and amount/type of ECs and got into WashU and got rejected by HYP. Not sure about lower Ivy's</p>

<p>You have pretty good test scores and a solid GPA. It's hard to really understand the scope of your ECs from your post, but if there aren't opportunities to partake in certain activities where you live, you won't be penalized at all. Overall, I'd say Dartmouth is a reach and Wash U is a high match. Definetly apply if these are the school's you'd like to attend, but make sure you have some backup options.</p>

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<p>You have decent chances at both, but obviously nothing's certain. Oh, and don't worry about the lack of research - I live in rural Iowa, and there was no way to do research. Admissions officers understand that not everyone will do some, so it won't destroy your application or anything.</p>

<p>Tufts and Holy Cross are 2 other schools with strong science programs that are easier to get into than Dartmouth. Holy Cross(don,t have to be religious) has very nice campus 1 hour fom Boston and HC is an athletic rival of Dartmouth. Both Holy Cross and Dartmouth have great alumni networks.</p>