Chances at Dartmouth/Williams

790 math/680 verbal
3.8 uw gpa, 4.3ish weighted
Athlete - probably not going to be recruited but can still contribute
Legacy at Dartmouth
Latina - Colombian father and last name
Great EC’s - asst coach at boys and girls, yb staff, film festival finalist, top chef award at school, captain varsity, other community service

are you an international student? If you are then you have a tiny chance of getting into either schools because it is generally harder for international students to get in. If you are living in the US, you may have a chance of getting in.

If you are getting recruited (swimming, basketball, tracks), even better…you have a very strong chance

Domestic not international. Probably won’t get recruited but will walk on.

You are a competitive applicant. Your stats and ECs are solid. Write great essays and you could get accepted to any of these schools

Cultural background and legacy help at Dartmouth, though for some Ivies, the legacy edge only helps if you apply ED (this is Penn’s policy, for instance). 680 V is a touch low, but you’re certainly competitive for Williams, and as I said, the other factors help make you even more competitive for Dartmouth. Just make sure you have some match schools mixed in their (and a safety, of course) come application time.

Thanks. Taking SAT again in August to see if the verbal score can go up a bit. Applying ED to Dartmouth, unless recruited at Williams. Then ED with pre-read.

Any idea of class rank?

@bz1119 No. I went to a public school for 2 and a private school this past year. Both schools don’t rank, no honor roll, no dean’s list. I know it is difficult to get As at my private school and I expect to get all As this term (had all As last term). Taking 6 academic classes including 2 APs, 1 honors class. I would assume top 10%. My current school also doesn’t even give GPA!

Understood, in comparison to your classmates, is the rigor of your classes the most you can make it? Although each school is unique guidance counselors will tell colleges what courses are available and if you are challenging yourself. You mentioned 2 AP’s and 1 honors, is there space for more?

@bz1119 Next year taking 3 APs. I am also an athlete. Most everyone at my school takes 5 academic classes. I’m taking 6. I can’t fit in anything more. It is what it is at this point. I just don’t want to waste an ED! I’m hoping Dartmouth legacy (and donor - but not huge), high GPA, EC’s, high math SAT, URM will work. I’m just worried not one of the categories is enough. I’m taking a math course at a college this summer and hope that an A there will help a bit too.