Chances at Duke and more?!

<p>I’m not sure where I’m all applying, so basically I’d like you to try help me decide on a few that would be good choices. As of now, my top two choices are Duke University and St. Olaf College. I know St. Olaf is definitely a safety, but what do you think my chances are getting into Duke? And if you could give me some other ideas too look into and my chances of getting in, I’d really appreciate it! I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for in a college, but I don’t want to go to anything that’s extremely liberal (that would be a big change coming from a conservative, rural area), and great academics are a must. Also, if the school has a really good music program it would be a plus. </p>

<p>Thanks in advance! </p>

<p>White male
Rural Minnesota (farm, I actually have my own flock of sheep if that would help any!)
Public School</p>

<p>Class Rank: 1 of about 120
GPA: 4.0 (unweighted- school doesn’t weight GPA’s)
SAT I: 1470 (780M, 690V)
ACT: 33 (retaking: science score was only 28)
Our school only offers 2 APs. I have been taking some college level classes, however, to try overcome that (will have either 11 or 15 college credits when I graduate).</p>

Knowledge Bowl: captain (9- 12)
Academic Challenge (9, 10, 12)
Three-Act Play (9-11)
Musical (10)
One-Act Play (9-12)
Speech (11-12)
National Honor Society (10-12)
Band (9-12)
Jazz Band (9-12)
Choir (9-12)
Student Rotarian (12)
Some service hours
Church Stuff
4-H club: president (12)
Piano (9 years)</p>

State Speech Champion (11)
All-State Band (11-12)
Knowledge Bowl Sub-regional and Regional awards
Academic Challenge runner-up in state
National Merit Commended (missed semi-finalist cutoff by 1 point! how disappointing!)
Harvard Book Award (11)
MMTA State Piano Contest “winner” (one of many, actually)
MMTA theory and piano exams- high distinction</p>

<p>Also, I’m not really sure about what I’m all supposed to include on applications (ECs, honors/awards). Do I want to leave out some of the minor stuff, or leave it in just to have more to put?!</p>

<p>Duke - 60%</p>

<p>Does anyone have any sort of opinion or thought?! Anyone?</p>

<p>Lately I've been thinking about Princeton too. I know my chances there would be very slim, but what do you think? Their financial aid is unbelievable, which would be a big plus over Duke.</p>

<p>yeah Duke is stingy with fin. aid, while princeton is very generous, but fin. aid alone is not a good reason to apply to a school. What is it specifically you like about Princeton? Also, you have a good chance at Duke, about 65% or so,</p>

<p>Well, I haven't looked into Princeton a whole lot yet, actually. It was recommended to me by someone I met this summer, as he thought it was definitely the best school for undergrad. I do like that it isn't really that big or in a huge city. I also like that they focus on their undergrad programs, and not as much on having a huge graduate school. But most of all, obviously, is that I could get an education from one of the top schools in the nation. I'm kind of going back and forth over applying to Princeton... I don't think I'd have a good chance at getting in, but maybe it is worth the chance. I would have to take the SAT IIs though, which I don't know how I would do on. I'm pretty confident that my writing one would be close to 800, and I'd probably take the MathIIC and Chemistry, which I think I could do at least pretty well on, but maybe not as good as the writing.</p>

<p>I would try, but research princeton for yourself before you decide anything! (And take those sat2's if you do)</p>

<p>I also forgot to mention that my sister and brother-in-law go to graduate school at Duke... does that help at all?</p>

<p>Sort of. If you like Duke and Princeton check out Dartmouth, its similarly very undergrad focused and fin. aid is pretty good too. Worth looking into.</p>

<p>What do you think my chances would be for Princeton if I did well on the SAT IIs? I know I would be getting all 800s, but hopefully at least all in the 700s!</p>

<p>Duke's music program isn't too hot, but if you're a good musician, that might be some draw into applying to it. Try emailing the department professors.</p>

<p>Princeton is more selective i think...</p>

<p>Does anyone have an idea of what my chances might be like at Princeton if I would do well on the SAT IIs?</p>

<p>princeton: you're just an average canidate, nothing spectacular says "pick me!" your essays will pretty much decide where you stand in the applicant pool</p>

<p>Ok... How much do you think it helps that I am a state champion in speech? Also, if I would work in how I have started a flock of sheep, would that help at all (something different)?</p>