Chances at Duke & UC's?

<p>I'm a Senior in California applying ED to Duke's Pratt School of Engineering. I'm also interested in my chances at the top UC's here in Cali. Here's what I've got goin for me:</p>

<p>SAT I: 1450 - 800M / 650V (first try)
SAT II's: 750 - Chem, 740 Math IIC, 740 Writing</p>

- 9th: 3.89
- 10th: 4.13
- 11th: 4.39
(all weighted)
-UCGPA: 4.15</p>

<p>Schedule this year:
-AP Calculus BC
-AP Physics C
-AP Computer Science AB
-AP Economics Micro/Macro
-AP English 4 (Literature)
-Religion/Photography (I go to a top private Catholic school)</p>

<p>Past AP's:
-AP Chemistry: 5
-AP U.S. History: 3 (eh, I never liked history)</p>

<p>Extra Curricluar's:
-Club soccer since about 6th grade
-Youth and Government (This is where a lot of my time goes. I'm the Senior Class Representative... also running for statewide office)
-Student Council (Senior class vice-president)
-Retreat Leader
-Photography for Yearbook</p>

<p>Community service:
-YMCA University Tutoring Program, 70-80 hours service
-AYSO Volunteer Referee
-Volunteer CIT for YMCA summer camp</p>

<p>Job Experience:
-I work 10 hours/weekend in the computer lab at Pepperdine University in Tech Support.
-Head of IT at a small business (a therapist's practice)</p>

<p>Not to mention... I have a double legacy at Duke, which probably won't hurt my chances. What do you guys think? I figure I have a pretty decent shot at Duke going ED... what about the top UC's? I appreciate any input. Thanks!</p>

<p>Great chance at Duke with a double legacy. In at all UCs except UCB and UCLA, which you have a good shot at with a good application essay.</p>


<p>Duke: Match
UCSD: Safety</p>

<p>Awesome, thanks for your input guys... feelin' slightly less stressed out now!</p>