Chances at Duke?

<p>I am a senior and was accepted at every school I applied to, so I'm thinking I should've stretched myself a little more… Just wondering if I would've had a chance of getting into duke???….. </p>

Income- 250k+</p>

<p>High school national rank- top 200
3.84 UW GPA (out of 4.0)
32 ACT
6 APs (3 last year and 3 currently)
Many APs offered at my school
Solid mid year grades- mostly As, a couple B+s</p>

won't go into a lot of detail…
Leadership position/officer for 6 clubs
Team captain for 1 varsity and 2 jv sports
A ton of volunteer hours
Work experience </p>

Numerous athletic awards (not playing in college)
Various awards at business competitions</p>

<p>Common App essay- very good- creative/out of the box
Letters of rec- solid
Hooks- none that I can think of </p>