Chances at Duke!!!!

<p>A quick overview:
GPA: 3.4375 uw; 3.9 w (4.1095/4.6 on weighted scale at my school)
Rank: Top 10th percentile 44/458 (very competitive public high school)
SAT: 780 M; 660 V (1440 Total)
SAT IIS yet to be taken
All honors/AP(Eng Lang, US Hist, Calc....)
Doesn Not Include Gym and electives
EC overview:
- 4 yrs - Debating Club(officer)
- 3 yrs - volunteer club(organized food drive)
- 3 yrs- Octagon- active participant
- 250+ hrs of volunteer and a couple years as head bagboy at golf course
member of track varsity 4 years and soccer jv all 4 years
+ got a weak 3 on ap test for US history I expect it to hurt
Magana Cum Laude Latin 1 Examanation
Member of NHS
Shield and Key Award
Bloustien Scholar award</p>

<p>Chances at Duke (early decision), Vanderbilt, Michigan, Lehigh, Northwestern, Emory (early decision II if i fail acceptance at Duke), Cornell, Washington University of St. Louis, plus Deleware and Miami (ohio)
I realize i might be reaching too high but i do have some solid safeties.
Duke is my dream school
Thanks for all your imput</p>

<p>Please help.</p>

<p>I know i might sound impatient but any input is greatly appreciated</p>

<p>Duke - 40%.</p>

<p>ty anyone else</p>

<p>any bettter schools for me?</p>

<p>last attempt any help appreciatedeven if its only a couple sentences</p>

<p>what state do u live in?</p>

<p>You have a pretty good shot at ED. Your rank hurts a bit, but that's about it.</p>

<p>i live in nj thanks guys</p>

<p>With ED Duke I think you will get deferred honestly. Its a decent reach for you, but worth a try if you really want to go there. I would say you are 90% in at Emory however, especially with ED. Apply to Michigan tomorrow, you will get in 100% and then you can dump places like Miami OH and Delaware. </p>

<p>If I were you I would think about Northwestern ED. I's say you're chances w/o ED are about 40%, but with ED go up to 60%. But its a big decision. </p>

<p>You are in at Vanderbilt and likely at WUSTL and Cornell. Once again ED at any of these places will get you in. Look into adding UNC-CH, its a great place and you have good stats. Also Wake Forest and UVA. Great matches.</p>

<p>Did you visit Emory? they put a huge emphasis on interest, they've rejected people with a 3.9gpa, 1500 sat, becuase they never showed interest in them</p>

<p>Vanderbilit you're probably in</p>


<p>Lehigh-I don't know much about them</p>

<p>NOrthwestern-likely reject, but it's possible you'll get in</p>

<p>WUSTL-I don't know much about them either</p>

<p>Cornell-unlikely, probable reject</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback guys. I have acutlllay taken ur advice slipper and decided to apply to wake forest and take off miami of ohio. I also decided that since Emory has two early decisions, I can stilll apply early decision at duke and then, if i get denied, I can apply EDII to Emory. Finally an update, I recieved 1 750 on Math 1c and am still taking Math 2c and Writing this coming test date. Thanks again and any more help is greatly appreciated</p>

<p>I think you have a very good shot at Emory. From what I have seen, if you have something unique to offer them and really want to go there you can get in (even with a low GPA). So when you fill our your app, just make sure you make yourself stand out and really express how much want to go there. If possible visit campus, talk to admissions people (they keep track of how much contact you have with them!) So good luck! I hope you get in!</p>

<p>ty thanks a lot with ur admissions also</p>

<p>Any feedback for me? Look up my post on the front page</p>

<p>ok sure think one sec</p>

<p>hey one more quick question, does anyone know if a college requires 3 sat 2s if taking both math 1c and 2c will count as two of the 3.</p>

<p>lasly does strong participation in a religious org. help (Jewish).</p>

<p>hey one more quick question, does anyone know if a college requires 3 sat 2s if taking both math 1c and 2c will count as two of the 3.</p>