chances at ED Stanford?

<p>Howdy guys,</p>

<p>I am an Asian male, holding a resident visa (not pernament) so i count as an International Student. I attend a super-small Christian High School in Southern California.</p>

<p>My Stats:</p>

<p>SAT1: 730M 670V (Oct. 9 hopefully improved...)
SAT2: 720MIIC 650E 610Phys 800Chinese (Nov. retake)
TOEFL: (taking in Nov. 1)
AP CalcAB:5 USHistory:4
GPA: 4.00 UW, 4.29W
Rank 4/107</p>

<p>I won the English Award in 11th grade, Computer Award in 10th</p>

Track 4 years (won most improved athlete award)
NHS executive council 2 yrs
Photography Club 10th grade only
Art Club 12th grade only</p>

<p>I'm applying to: Stanford ED, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, MIT, Caltech, UCLA, UCBerkeley, UCSanDiego</p>

<p>am I reaching to high? Do any of these schools constitute as a safety?</p>

<p>Thanks guys!</p>

<p>ummm...u gotta elaborate more on awards/ECs, seems low in number/quality...and despite ur rank/GPA, ur scores are pretty average.</p>

<p>are you good enough at track to be recruited?</p>

<p>im applying stanford EA, too...good luck, yo.</p>

<p>What schools do you think I can definitely get into? I dun wanna end up not going to college coz I applied to schools too difficult to get into.</p>

<p>Admissions are different for international students. In most schools they are NOT need-blind. Is money an issue at all for you? If it is, it may become the deciding factor for your application...</p>

<p>Where can you get into for sure? UCLA and UCSD. Others except UCB are reaches.</p>

<p>dont take this the wrong way, but for MIT, as an international student, your chances are extremely low, especially with your average ECs. Dont let this discourage you from trying though.</p>

<p>Uhhh not to brag or anything, but money will not be an issue at all. regarding the ECs my school is a super small private school that can hardly provide classes, and have very few clubs. In fact I've joined 4/5 clubs my school has to offer. And photography club ended because the teacher left the school. </p>

<p>Also, I am the second fastest runner in my track team. I seriously doubt I will be recruited.</p>

<p>my times are:</p>

<p>100m: 12.19
200m: 26.18
4X100: uhhh I forgot...</p>

<p>But there should be outside ECs as well. I understand that you come from a small private school; yet, for schools like MIT you might need outer-school ECs.</p>

<p>Howardini - I'm really sorry but even IF there are only 5 clubs, then you should maybe start your own clubs? or at least get leadership positions in them. You need to show some inititiave because as of right now, your ECs and scores are WAY too weak to be considered a strong applicant to Stanford EA... or Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the others. Your standardized scores (< 700 and <750 for math,science) is going to make Caltech and MIT uber uber reaches.... and if i were you, i would NOT put Chinese as one of my 3 SAT2s since you are a native speaker. That only makes it look like you have nothing better. You MUST improve your SAT2s and SAT1s.. and even then, your ECs are still very weak.</p>


100m: 12.19
200m: 26.18
4X100: uhhh I forgot...


Wow, you are the 2nd fastest on your team? Jesus, any healthy teenage male could run a 12 second 100m.</p>

<p>To be recruited, I'm guessing you would need to be in mid-low 10s..</p>

<p>A 12.19 seconds time in the 100 meters is harder than you think ;)</p>

<p>it's not competitive at any big high school track meet, but it's definitely not something any avg male, athlete or not, can do</p>

<p>ah, mistaippa is right, it's not average, really. But it's not somethign that shows much training.</p>

<p>howardini, you're not necessarily aiming too high, but you're nto applying to any safeties. Applying to any single one of those schools (with the exception of maybe UCSD) is aiming high for anyone, and whiel you are a great applicant who has done well in school, you don't outshine the science award winners, nationally recognized, billiion-leadership-position-holding, 1500+ SAT 1, 800 800 800 SATII people you are competing with. I like your confidence of your own abilitiies but perhaps you are underestimating your competition. </p>

<p>My advice is to cut out some of those crazy schools and stick in a few less competitive ones because at the moment, yes, you actually do run the small but significant risk of not being accepted to any.</p>

<p>good luck : )</p>

<p>I'm second fastest in my team because our school is really small and does not have many talent like public schools. As a base of reference 11.50 was the qualifying time for CIF. Our team captain ran a 11.49. And that was his fastest ever. </p>

<p>Are there any schools then, could anyone recommend me? I was sent a lot of mail by a bunch of random schools, but unfortunately they became recycling papers... So any information would be great!</p>