chances at ED??

<p>As of yesterday, I got a slightly higher sat score than are my stats</p>

<p>HS graduation year: 2011
weighted GPA: 3.8, school doesn't give out unweighted gpa. but i calculated it & it came out to be 3.5, not sure how jhu would calculate it though
SAT Composite: 2030 (math: 690 cr: 630 (ughhh) writing: 710)
Took all AP & honors classes offered at my school. i also took a class at a local university for college credit.</p>

Played JV tennis for 2 years, varsity tennis my senior year - conference champs 3 years, sectional champs 2 years, regional champs 1 year, and regional finalists 1 year
Academic Spell Bowl team -- state finalists all 4 years, regional champions 3 years
Math team - regional champions 1 year. state champions 1 year.
National Finalist for 2 years in a row in a neuroscience competition
National Finalist for 2 years in a row in a public speaking competition
National Finalist for 2 years in a row in a essay writing competition
Marching Band State Runner up -- freshman year
Speech team - central indiana champions 1 year.
National Society of High School Scholars
National Honors Society
FIRST Robotics team for 3 years -- won a regional championship in 2009 (had leadership position)
VEX Robotics team for 2 years -- won a regional championship in 2009
Vice President of Chess Club
Played violin for 6 years, performed at various concerts</p>

<p>Work experience as a physician office assistant</p>

<p>Volunteer Activities: (total = slightly over 100 hrs)
Attorney's Assistant (edited website, edited formal papers, etc)
Assisted my tennis coach in coaching small children
Assisted my tennis coach in his adult tennis classes
Volunteered at a local hospital
Assisted the Salvation Army </p>

<p>i'm pretty sure that i wrote good essays.<br>
i'm going for a neuroscience major.<br>
do i have a chance?</p>

<p>Don’t stress. If it’s your first choice, it’s worth a shot! GL</p>

<p>yeah i’ve already applied but i can’t help but to stress :stuck_out_tongue:
anyone else for chances?</p>

<p>Scores and GPA are a little low, but I wish you all the best!! It’s not all about the numbers :)</p>

<p>Don’t talk about how good your tennis team was when you weren’t on it…</p>

<p>my area has conference, sectional, and regional for JV. varsity has all that plus state.
so i actually did gain those achievements during those years…</p>