Chances at Engineeering! :D

<p>GPA UW: 3.8
GPA W: 4.4

-Cal Poly SLO
-Cal Poly Pomona</p>

-SAT I: 1980 (620 CR, 690 M, 670 W (10 essay))
-ACT w/ Writing: 33 (8 essay) </p>

<p>SAT II:
-Math II: 760
-Chemistry: 690
-US History: 600</p>

<p>-AP World History: 2 :/
-AP Calculus AB: 2
-AP Chemistry: 5
-AP Calculus BC: 3 (AB subscore: 4)
-AP US History: 3
-AP Eng. Language: 3
-AP Statistics
-AP Government/Politics (No AP Econ offered)
-AP Psychology</p>

-Varsity Tennis for 3 yrs, 4 next one with possibly 2 years as captain
-Key Club
-Volunteer hours: total count unsure</p>

<p>bump, anyone? :(</p>

<p>UCB - Reach
UCLA - Reach
UCSD - Low Reach/High Match
UCI - Match
UCR - Match
USC - Low Reach/High Match
Cal Poly SLO - Low Reach/High Match
Cal Poly Pomona - Low Reach/High Match</p>

<p>Reasons for lowered chances
1. Weak SAT Subject Tests (even the math considering that you are applying to engineering schools)
2. Weak SAT/ACT (SAT Math score is especially worrisome considering that you are applying to engineering your ACT Math significantly better?)
3. Weak ECs</p>

<p>Chance back?
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<p>Please disregard everything south of UCLA that americano posted.</p>

<p>SD: low reach
UCI: match/ borderline safety
UCR: safety
USC: mid reach
SLO: low match
pomona: safety (not sure where the reach could have come from)</p>

<li>Your SATs are fine: true, your chem and history could be better (700+), but solid math; not to mention UCs and CSUs don't care about SAT2s</li>
<li>33 ACT is weak? Your ACT is solid.</li>
<li>ECs are weak for some of the upper tiered schools (ie LA, Berk, USC), but definitely good enough for the rest</li>

<p>thanks for the chances! more specifically, my 33 ACT was composed of 34 E, 34 M, 31 R, and 32 S.</p>

<p>Submit your "single sitting" ACT score of 33 and maybe retake one of your SAT II's or just submit the 760 SAT II in math. I think you have a fairly good shot at all the UCs, including UCB. I would add UCD and UCSB and forego applying to UCR.</p>

<p>Edit: If you don't get into top-tier UCs, I think it will be because of your ECs and not because of your stats (using your ACT score).</p>

<p>So should I just submit my ACT score and not my SAT I score? I will consider Davis considering it is a good engineering school, but I have a slight preference toward staying in southern California.</p>

<p>I would NOT submit your SAT scores, since your ACT scores are higher. I say you get accepted to all your So Cal schools, but I don't think you will get much aid at USC if that matters to you (although it should). Viterbi is a good school of Engineering at USC.</p>

<p>I am low-income if that helps, so would that help me in terms of how much aid I get since that's need-based? I am also looking at some privates because I hear I can possibly get some more financial aid from them compared to the UC's.</p>

<p>^I was referring to merit aid. You should definitely keep USC in play.</p>

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