Chances at Engineering Schools (mainly CALIFORNIA UC's)

<p>hey guys
wat are my chances at the following Engineering Schools
I am a Californian resident Asian Indian 16 yrs old Junior in High School</p>

<p>UC San Diego
UC Berkley
UC Irvine
MIT (miracle school)
UC Santa Barbara

<p>Here my stats:
college gpa unweighted: 3.6
high school weighted: 4.1
part of Engineering and Building Trades Academy- will graduate with Honorary Sash for being exemplary member of academy
Will graudate with 7 Academic Awards for excellent GPA
Community Service: only like 50 hours so far at local Sikh religious center (i am Sikh), plan on graudaitng with atleast 200+
Work Experience: 3 years of summer job (workin at my dad's gas station)</p>

Key Club 3 yrs
CSF 2 yrs
Mathletes 2yrs
Science Olympiad 2yrs
Academic Decathalon 2 yrs
National Honors Society 2yrs</p>

<p>AP Classes
AP Chem- A (3 on test)
AP World- B+, A- (4 on test)
currently Taking
AP US History- B
AP Physics- A
College Calculus- final grade ill post when i get it
AP Lit and Comp (next term)
College Calculus II- (next term)</p>

<p>next year AP's
AP govt
AP Economy
AP English 12
AP Statistics
AP Psychology (independent study either junior or senior year)
other classes next year:
Engineering C2 (most advanced engineering course)
Building Trades II (part of academy classes)
College Calculus III
Animation I (visual and performing arts graduation prerequisite)</p>

<p>SAT I (tkain first time Nov 5)
ACT (takin first time soon)
World History 630
Chemistry 670</p>

now wat are my chances, can somebody give me a match/reach/reject list
how do i improve, wat should i improve upon, wat else should i add to my transcript and resume, i am trying to gain leadership positions in some of those EC clubs...thanks for responses/feedbacks/questions/anything</p>



<p>UCB/UCLA: Reach (Engineering)
UCSD: Slight Reach (Engineering)
UCI: Match (Engineering)</p>

<p>yea thanks</p>

<p>so all other are rejects??
how do i improve transcript</p>

<p>any other comments?</p>


<p>I'd agree with flopsy.</p>

<p>An essay changes the world. Good essay = does wonders.</p>

<p>How are you doing on practices / actual Math 2C tests?</p>

<p>well i took it a while back and got 560 cuz i mainly forgot my old math but i am retaking it in december aiming for 750 and above... i have no idea wat to do for my essay what is the point of the essay? wat do u write about?</p>

<p>hey guys i appreciate any responses</p>

<p>hey guys i need some feedback</p>

<p>im really desperately seeking responses...</p>

<p>you never know till you try, and get back your SAT and ACT scores</p>

<p>Ouch on the first 2C. </p>

<p>You write about yourself. I know i'm going to get a lot of flames for this, but you basically cry in your essay without trying to sound negative.</p>

<p>Ex: Parent is sick. You say you want to be a doctor because your parent's illness (serious illness) inspires you. Etc...</p>

<p>any more responses??</p>

<p>UCSD/UCLA/UCB:Slight Reach

<p>any other responses</p>

<p>bump to responses</p>