Chances at Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy @ Rutgers New Brunswick?

<p>First off, I'm in pretty bad shape GPA-wise. I go to Rutgers Newark and am going to be a senior. I have a very dismal GPA of 2.2. I haven't completed all the required courses yet being that I still have to take Human Physiology, Statistical Methods, Economics Micro, Organic Chem Lab, & 4 Humanities/Social Science Electives <a href="but%20I'm%20not%20sure%20if%20Ecology%20&%20Biochemistry%20count%20as%20those%20too%20b/c%20I%20took%20those%20classes">I only took 1 social science elective out of the 5 that I'm supposed to.</a>. I'm in pretty bad shape I know but I am currently studying for the PCATs which I take in October. I have no extracurricular activities or no pharmacy tech experience as of yet (but I plan on doing the pharm tech job, this summer). I am dead set on trying to get into Rutgers Pharmacy so is there ANY possible way I can do this? I am planning on getting a Bachelor's Degree in Biology first before applying to the Pharm School.
What are my chances?</p>