Chances at Flagler College

DD is in love with Flagler College. What are her chances? Any advice is appreciated!

GPA 85.5
No honors
2 College courses taken for Italian 4 & Intro to Psych
On and off Honor Roll
Works 20 hrs a week
Varsity Tennis 4 yrs
Awards in Art/photography
Debate team
Italian club
Science symposium participant
Girl Scout since 2nd grade/tons of community service including Special Olympics
Local day care - volunteer hours
NSLC - Forensic science

Any SAT or ACT score?

Yes. Very low. 20 -ACT (taking it again)
SAT- 1000 we were going test optional to most schools.

If the ACT comes up a point or two, it will help. 54% of their students have an 18-23 per Common Data Set.

Is an 85 like a 3.0? A = 4, B = 3 - so solid B? If it is, then - read on.

If you demonstrate interest and are full pay, I wouldn’t say assured but likely. Demonstrating interest means opening their emails, click on their videos, visit, and even ask some “intelligent” questions of the admissions officer.

I’ll call it a target - but make sure you have safeties as well.

Good luck.


I’m an alum of Flagler College. I’m betting she is likely to get in, but if test scores are optional, omit. I traveled across the country to attend Flagler, and I have NO regrets. AMAZING campus. Incredibly accessible faculty, great community feel, lots to do. It’s grown a lot since I was there in the early 90s, but I believe it remains the same in feel.


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