Chances at Georgetown and Tufts


<p>I'd like to know my chances at Georgetown College (and/or the Walsh School of Foreign Service) and Tufts. My GPA is 3.74, I have a 1340 in SATs (670 v, 670 m). I'm taking my SAT IIs in Decemeber (hopefully 650s and above). I've taken 3 APs last year: Micro-4 Macro-5 Euro History-5. I'm taking 3 APs this year: French, Eng Literature, US History. I've been very active in student government clubs: Junior Class VP, Senior/Junior prom, Secretary and President of the Int. Students' Association. I participated in Habitat for Humanity in Jordan. I'm a member of the National Honor Society. I've also participated in Varsity Wrestling (2 years) and Varsity Soccer (1 year). Reply as soon as you can. I'm also a certified Arabic GCSE speaker. </p>