Chances at Georgetown/Tufts/JHU

<p>White Male</p>

<p>Very competitive school, no class rankings
GPA: 3.72 unweighted
4.05 weighted
All classes honors and AP except spanish and Math.</p>

<p>SATs: 770M 720V 740W - 2230
SAT II: US History 740
AP: US HIstory 4
Physics and Euro after this year; AP calc, stat, english, world art</p>

<p>ECs: Hebrew school from 1st grade to current (postconfirmation)
Honor and Service Society (11-12)
Peer Tutoring
Varsity Bowling (9-10)
Captain of bowling team in a league
Volunteer at library over summer
JV Volleyball (10) Varisty (11-12)
Work at synogouge on sundays as a teacher's assistant with special ed kids
Write articles for local newspaper
International Affairs Club (11-12)
Philosophy Club (11-12)
Will hopefully be interning with a politician or volunteering at a local party office this year</p>

<p>Im a junior right now btw</p>

<p>I know my ECs arent tha great and I dont have much leadership but its kinda late to change that now...anything I can do out of school that would be leadership? Im also applying to a summer program for international affairs, either the Georgetown one or a comprable one</p>

<p>Interested in International Affairs major</p>

<p>anyone? please :D</p>

<p>tufts- match
JHU - match
Georgetown- slight reach</p>

<p>thanks =)</p>

<p>also, since Tufts and JHU are ED and Georgetown is EA, which one should i apply early to? i kinda like georgetown the best</p>

<p>I'd say G-town EA</p>

<p>also also :D would an essay on how a trip to hungary (visiting a village where my grandparents grew up and were taken away from during the holocaust) and a trip to israel affected my view of my religion and the world, or is that too cliche? I also have a life story that my grandparents wrote about experiences in the holocaust etc if i wanted to take a more unique approach to the same essay. i really want to write about my religion but it seems that thats cliche and cliche is bad sklfdjfsdl</p>

<p>Georgetown is a Cathloic school, I wouldnt bring up the fact that your Jewish</p>

<p>they have a 10% jewish population though. its a large part of my life, why shouldnt i talk about it?</p>

<p>They do have 10% Jewish, which is low compared to other top schools (Ivies)</p>

<p>the problem is jewish culture is the closest thing i have a "passion" to...i could writ about other things but then nothing would stand out =(</p>

<p>I think your essay sounds fine.....and the fact that you are alreadythinking it through a year ahead of sending it in makes me think your writing will be outstanding. I don't think Gtown will have anything against your religious just won't get the nod that some apps might for being Catholic.</p>

<p>I think trip essays are way too cliche, you might want to give it a much more unique approach just to be sure that the adcom wont tkae a look at your essay and immediately consider its an ordinary trip essay.</p>

<p>Jews are ORMs in most colleges...just be careful</p>

<p>i just dont really know what else to write about</p>

<p>the only other thing i couold think about writing about was my experience with Miller Fischer Syndrome, a rare disease. but i think that would make for a very boring essay :|</p>

<p>write about one of your ECs perhaps...varsity bowling..that sounds interesting, we dont have that here, a bowling anecdote might me cool for an essay...wel thats just my opnion</p>

<p>i guess thats a possibility, i just started being a teachers assistant for 2nd graders learning hebrew, so i have a year to develop out of that. i wouldnt do bowling though because im not doing school bowling anymore. the team is all the ghetto kids and i just cant stand them :|</p>

<p>oh and anyone else wanna give chances?</p>

<p>bumpity bump</p>

<p>umm you're a junior and you have better SATs than I do as a senior.. I wouldn't worry about it. You have a good shot just about anywhere! chill out for these next few months and go do something... junior-y. Just kidding, the earlier you think about this stuff the better. don't do what I did and put off everything until the last few months.</p>

<p>ya i wish i wouldnt worry about it so much...and i probably shouldnt. but im so obsessive lol. i see all these kids on here with amazing GPAs and ECs and i just get so worried =(</p>

<p>If it is really your passion, then write about your religion. It may be cliche, but it is you.</p>