Chances at Georgetown?

I have a 3.85 at a very competitive private school, 34 ACT, strong ECs and my college counselor is telling me not to even bother applying to Georgetown if I don’t have a 4.0. Agree?

I would say being a student at a “very competitive private school” would actually make your chances more difficult, not to sound rude.

No offense to your counselor, but they are absolutely wrong. I have heard of someone with a 3.8 GPA who got into Yale, though they had excellent ECs.

What are your extracurriculars?

I think that your counselor is wrong and may simply be trying to keep the percentages of successes up, by making sure that only the ones who are really

With a 3.85 GPA with a rigorous course set at a competitive high school, you are competitive for Georgetown.

Is this you high school’s GC, or a private college counselor?

Mostly community service, soccer, tennis, Model UN, voter registration and an internship where I produced a get out the vote video.

I’ve sensed that too about my HS counselor. My school is very proud of its placement record.

3.85 is not a bad GPA, 34 ACT is totally within Georgetown range, and your extracurriculars seem good and give a sense of why you might do well at Georgetown. I would definitely ‘bother’ applying; you have a real chance


Don’t listen to your counselor and apply anywhere you want. I recently transferred to Georgetown, had a terrible high school GPA and dropped out of my first college. I bounced back fortunately, by getting good grades and leadership positions. Just make sure to nail the alumni interview and really do your research on the school. My essays were a large part of why I got in because i named specific things and qualities of georgetown that are unmatched anywhere else.