Chances at getting into carnegie mellon?


<p>I am a senior in Southern California. Please rate my chances of getting into CMU!</p>

<p>Major: Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering or related</p>

<p>• SAT I:
o CR: 780
o M 770
o W: 680
o Total: 2230
o Math Level II 800
o US History 750
o Chemistry 790
o Physics 800
• Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.70
• Weighted GPA: 4.14
• Rank: Top 10%</p>

<p>Course Load:</p>

<p>Freshman Year (Fall, Spring)
• Honors Algebra 2: B+, B
• Coed PE (non-academic): A, A
• Chinese 2: A-, A-
• Honors English 1: B+, A-
• Honors Global Perspective: B, B
• Honors Coordinated Science 1 (physical science): A-, A-
• String Orchestra: A-, A</p>

<p>Summer 2008
• Health: A</p>

<p>Sophomore Year (Fall, Spring)
• Chinese 4: A-, B+
• Honors English 2: B, C+
• AP US History: A-, A-
• Honors Precalc: A, A
• Honors Coordinated Science 2 (life science): B+, A-
• Honors Chemistry: A, A</p>

<p>Junior Year (Fall, Spring)
• AP Chemistry: A, A
• AP Chinese: A-, A-
• AP Calculus BC: A-, A
• CP English 3: A-, B+
• PE Basketball (non-academic): A, A
• AP Physics: A, A
• String Orchestra: A, A+</p>

<p>Senior Year (scheduled)
• AP Economics (1 semester)
• AP Political Science (1 semester)
• AP Biology
• AP Computer Science
• CP English 4
• AP Statistics
• Multivariable Calculus (at community college)</p>

<p>AP Scores
• US History: 5
• Chemistry: 5
• Chinese Language: 5
• Calculus BC: 5
• Calculus AB subscore: 5
• Physics B: 5
• Physics C-Mechanics: 5
• Physics C-E&M: 5</p>

<p>• Extracurriculars: Ocean Science Bowl, Science Bowl, Math Club, AMC, Physics Bowl, Piano Level 10 CM completed, tutored 2 neighbors in math/chemistry/physics
• Clubs: Physics Club, Africa Project, Math Club, United Way, Chinese Chess Club (vice president), Chess Club
• Volunteer/Community services: Habitat for Humanity (25 hours), United Way carwashes (9 hours), Senior Center Piano Recitals (16 hours)
• Awards and Honors: PSAT Commended Scholar (211), AP Scholar with Distinction (likely to become National AP Scholar), Award of Excellence in Mathematics, 11th grade Magna Cum Laude</p>

• City, State: Irvine, CA
• School Type: Public (Top 150 in the nation)
• Ethnicity: Asian
• Gender: Male
• Income Bracket: 100,000</p>

<p>GPA is a bit on the low side, rank is also not very strong. Course rigor is excellent with a solid junior year. SAT + Subject's are great. AP scores look good but matter very little for college admission. Nothing spectacular in the EC section/not strong...asian status will hurt. </p>

<p>I think you have a fair/pretty good chance of getting in. Write good essays!</p>

<p>'Sup, Irvine kid. Graduating from CDM or Uni by any chance? </p>

<p>Looks to be a good solid shot for CIT. No complaints. Write a good essay relevant to your area of interest and get some awesome recs and you should be a very strong candidate.</p>

<p>At the risk of sounding a little negative ... </p>

<p>Sure, your stats look very good, but I am also a little disappointed ... (I do believe you'd have very good chances to get accaepted. My son hat similar stats and got in this year, but won't attend)</p>

<p>Yes, you pushed yourself regarding Math/Science, but taking Chinese looks almost like a 'gimmie', considering your background (I admit that I assume and don't really know).</p>

<p>Also, if your income bracket is 100k, wouldn't you be better off considering one of the UCs, e.g. Berkeley?? CMU is going to put a lot of financal burden on your family.</p>

<p>Well he didn't say he was coming here, but rather that he was just applying and seeing how good his chances are. Grades being good is definitely a plus. It's not like you're gonna get rejected for having great stats, unless you're overqualified, but that isn't the case here. That said, those community service hours are towards the low end, and the interests in EC's aren't that diversified. Overall a good candidate, but mostly because of grades.</p>

<p>I'm Asian, South-East to be exact. 2120 for SAT, 680 CR, 650 Writing and 780 Maths. For SAT2, I got 800 for Physics, 790 for Chemistry and 770 for Mathematics 2. I'm not sure about what weighted and unweighted CGPA are, but I got 3.83 out of 4 for my public examination, which is equivalent to A levels. For TOEFL iBT test, I got 112 for it. I was my country's representative for World Robotic Olympiad and obtained a bronze medal in it. Other than that, I was in varsity badminton team. Anyone would kindly help to gauge my chances? Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>^Solid chances. I don't see any problems. In the future, please make your own thread instead of 'hijacking' someone else's.</p>