Chances at getting offered CAP program?

<p>I know realistically I will not get into U.T right off the back, but I am more than willing to take the CAP program and go a year at UTSA and then transfer into U.T. I want to either go the pre-med route into medical school or major in a natural science. I'm a junior (class of 2011).</p>

<p>3.33 Unweighted GPA
All AP and Pre-AP classes
200 out of 630 Class rank (right at the top 33%)
1730 SAT
560 Reading, 510 Math, 660 Writing
Eagle Scout
Boy Scouts for 10 years
4 years varsity wrestling
Captain senior year (wrestling)
2 years of football
2 years working at Chick-fil-a</p>

<p>Do you think I would get offered CAP?</p>

<p>Don't quote me on this, but reading these forums it seems like most texas residents get at least CAP'd. So if you're in texas I'm guessing your chances are really good.</p>

<p>Yes, I am a resident of Texas.</p>

<p>yea you'll get CAPd if you dont get in.</p>

<p>Be sure to keep your grades up. UTSA is raising the bar. In the past, they accepted all CAP students. For 1011 they only accepted students from the top 50% with SAT of at least 1500 and the requirements will be tighter for 11-12. You are fine right now.</p>

<p>Be aware though, that CAP isn't always the best option for students with a lot of AP/Dual credits. To fulfill the CAP contract, you have to complete 30 hrs in residence from a specific list of classes. You may find yourself taking classes you don't need for your major just to complete the contract. Going to your local CC and earning 30 credits with a high GPA in your choice of classes might be better. You may even be able to transfer in the spring if you'll have enough credits at that point (due to AP credits).</p>

<p>1500 math and reading?</p>

<p>HAHAHA it is a 1500 on M/R/W. There is no was they could command 1500/1600 students.</p>

<p>o okay lol i was like d***</p>

<p>Pre-meds don't claim AP credit for chem, bio, physics, calc or English - they take them at college so the med schools can see how they did on them in real college classes - so he should be okay doing CAP.</p>

<p>Some medical schools accept AP credit, so you need to look the info up depending on where you want to go.</p>

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<p>If you have decided as a high school senior that you are applying to one medical school and you know which medical school it is, that is sensible advice.</p>

<p>Also look into the JAMP, if your efc is under 8k when you do your fafsa next year.</p>