Chances at good colleges

I am currently a Year 10 student enrolled in a good selective school in Australia. For this half yearly’s my gpa was 3.7 but i can definitely get a 4.0 gpa in y11 and 12 and the yearlies. My target colleges are Berkley, Upenn, Michigan and Duke and a couple of other highly ranked business unis. I have a couple of questions.

  1. I want to convey two interests: sports, particularly swimming and business, i am kind of struggling with finding ways to demonstrate interest in business as internships for high school students are virtually nonexistent( i even tried emailing some companies). As such is there any other way i demonstrate interest in business. Would it be worth trying to found a economics club in my school and are the other ways such as societies aimed at students interested in business in Australia.
  2. I am a former state swimmer, i stopped swimming competitively for a few years however I have decided to start again. Right now my 100m breaststroke is 1 second off state qt, at 1:22. Is it worth trying to get into the school for swimming (i reckon i can get my time to at least the low 10s). Also i have heard that was programs such as rowing will recruit member with weaker scores if they have good academics, would this be the same for swimming as obviously with the two year break i wont be as competitive.
  3. By graduation i will have been 5 years in philosophy club, 2 years in community service club, 2 years in a animal welfare club, maybe founder of a business club(undecided), have done 3 years of NSW All Schools Triathlon relay, hopefully state swimming, participated in an entrepreneurial workshop for high school students, regionals skiing for 5 years and i have also been doing courses on a site called inside sherpa and am considering doing other business related courses such as the google digital marketing fundamentals. I was also home schooled until y7 of which the transition from home school to a selective school which i will try to play to as a part of my essays. With SATs i am expecting around 1500. What are my chances, and what can i do to improve them? time and effort is not an issue.

I can’t tell you about most of your schools, but others on this forum can help with those schools.
With UC Berkeley, they would be interested in your swim abilities, but your grades and test scores would have to continue to be competitive.

Make sure you can pay $65K per year. That’s the going rate.

It’s a public university, funded mostly by State of California taxpayers.

Given the issues with the pandemic, and your international status, funding will be diminished, so plan on paying full fees. Anyone else can chime in.

Regarding Duke, I feel like it’s not a great mach for you (not because of your academics). Duke doesn’t have a business major, so I don’t see you exploring many business major opportunities there. Also, their crew team is club, so they can’t help with admissions at all (I was in the recruiting process for rowing, but I was disappointed to hear that Duke, my favorite school, was club rowing). I also agree with @“aunt bea” , money will be a big determining factor.

UMich is also a club rowing team, although it’s way more competitive. However, they can’t really help you with admissions, especially this late into the process.

You are, as they would say in the USA, a rising Junior. Until you have the grades for your junior year (Year 11), there is simply no way to tell you what your chances will be at any college.

Do your best at academics and at your extracurricular activities, and , after you have finished Year 11, come back here and ask for help in deciding what colleges would be good places for you to check out.

Good luck in the coming school year!

I agree with the above. Keep in mind that Michigan swimming is high collegiate level close enough most likely to Olympic level. I don’t know a lot about these times but you can search them. If your close then reach out to the coach and ask questions… But do the activity /sport because you love it. Not as an attempt to get into a college.

As far as what you can do no for business. How about an internet business /eBay etc?.. Being creative is key also. Don’t use covid as an excuse. Make something happen.