Chances at GWU as a spring 2022 transfer

Hi! I’m currently a rising sophomore (class of 2024) at Rutgers University-New Brunswick studying biology on the pre-med track and I’ve been really nervous about transferring because I can’t seem to find much info on transfer student profiles (especially ones within STEM-related majors, being that GWU is more known for IA/poli-sci). I’m hoping to transfer as a public health major with a pre-med concentration at Milken and also applying to CCAS as well.

Here are my stats:
Upper-middle-class (not sure if that matters)
Mixed (Half Black/Half Asian)
GPA: 3.54 (subject to change, currently enrolled in a summer course)
Class rank: unsure (I need to email to find out)
Deans list


  • Founded a student activist organization in central jersey (June 2020-present)
  • Rutgers student advisory council (Fall 2020 semester)
  • Institute for Domestic and International Affairs aka “IDIA” member and assistant director for two Model UN committees (Fall 2020-present)
  • Founding regional social media/public outreach chair for Sciovirtual-Rutgers (the first university chapter for the larger Sciovirtual nonprofit organization, Spring 2021-present)
  • 4+ shadowing hours (hoping to get that number higher by the end of the summer)
  • Not sure if I can include this one but hopefully I will also be club-swimming for Rutgers this fall as well

If anyone has any useful resources for the transfer application process (specific or non-specific to GWU) it would be really greatly appreciated!! Also please let me know if I missed anything here as well!

Some other important info: I used P/NC on 3/4 of my courses in the fall semester and once for the spring semester, I know this puts me at a disadvantage but hopefully it shows some improvement? Again, I am currently taking a chemistry summer course so that should hopefully show improvement as well given the rigor of the course as well.