chances at harvard, princeton, columbia?

<p>Hi, I would like to know my chances at harvard, princeton, columbia, or stanford, or other high ranking schools given:</p>

<p>Sex: F
Unweighted GPA: 3.97 (Weighted: 4.23)
Class Rank: Top 3 (maybe 1, 2, or 3 out of 650)
Race: Indian</p>

<p>SAT Is: 2340 (760 CR, 780 math, 800 writing)
SAT 2s: 800 chem, 800 math 2, 740 lit</p>

<p>10th: AP Chem, AP Calc BC
11th: AP euro, AP English, AP stat, multivariable calculus
12th: differential equations, AP spanish, AP english, AP Biology</p>

<p>Sports: JV tennis freshman and soph years</p>

<p>Extracurriculars: choir sophomore, junior, and potentially senior year
Women's region choir sophomore year
3rd alto mixed region choir junior year
women's madrigal choir
chemistry olympics (2nd place, 1st overall)
vice president(peer assisted life skills) of two volunteer clubs in my school
Red Cross youth council officer
Red Cross Club member
Math Honor Society
National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society treasurer
EMT (first aid squad member)
volunteering at hospital</p>

<p>work experience: one year at Kumon, 8 hours a week</p>

<p>I'd say you have a decent chance at those 4 schools, especially if you're valedictorian. I think you'd have a really good chance at some lower Ivies (Cornell, Brown, maybe some LACs too).</p>

<p>And what state are you in? That could tip the scales a bit depending on where you live.</p>

<p>I live in New Jersey.</p>

<p>you have a good shot considering your stellar test scores and your uber class rank. i think your ECs are good as well. good luck man.</p>

<p>but i'm probably going to take your college spot so too bad. thanks for playing.</p>

<p>i think u have a really good shot at stanford and columbia. u will probably get into dartmouth with those stats. i dunno about Harvard and princeton though.</p>

<p>harvard princeton and other ivy's are easy if you are black or hispanic. i know people who go there with below a 1300 / 1600 SAT score.</p>

<p>and if you play a sport and you are black. you will be $$$. a friend of mine got a 1200ish out of 1600 in 2005 and now is at brown.</p>

<p>go affirmative action!</p>

<p>Well if you're white like me, you need to score in the 2300s (like the OP did) to get into an Ivy. It's not impossible.
I believe in you, vera141! Our SAT I scores are almost exactly the same, but your rank and SAT IIs kick the ass of my rank and SAT IIs. I'd say your ECs are comparable to mine... And so all this considered, I think you have a decent shot at upper Ivies, and a good shot at medium/lower Ivies (non-HYP).</p>

<p>You have an above average chance at the schools you mentioned. Nobody can tell you definitively whether you will get it or not, but you certainly have a shot, so just apply to all of them and hope for the best.</p>

<p>You should have no trouble getting into the next tier of schools, like the lower ivies and equivalent universities.</p>

<p>Thank you...that being said, should I apply early or should I apply regular, since some of those schools got rid of ED?</p>

<p>^That's kind of a question only you can answer. Is there any one school you really, really want to go to?</p>

<p>On a side note, being from New Jersey is going to hurt you. Lord knows they don't need another Asian from Jersey.</p>

<p>Do my chances improve if I take AP Econ instead of choir?</p>

<p>not necessarily. while the ap econ will make your courseload more difficult, sticking with choir can give you a very solid e.c.</p>

<p>Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and Stanford are all impossible to predict if you don't have a major hook.
I think you'll get into at least 1 of them, but it's impossible to predict exactly which ones you'll be admitted to.</p>

<p>Columbia and Stanford are less numbers-driven than the other elites, so they're often the hardest to predict. Dartmouth and Duke would be schools for you to apply to since they're more numbers driven, and thus you have a much better chance at getting into them, even though Columbia and Stanford are slightly more prestigious.</p>

<p>Don't worry about being from NJ. I'm from NY and things worked out for me. Obviously there's nothing you can do about where you live. It's not much of a big deal... Schools will obviously take more kids from heavily populated states.</p>

<p>And certainly if you applied ED somewhere you'd have really good chances, but only do that if you're dead set on one school obviously. A passionate love may develop between you and a school btwn now and Sept/Oct, so if that does I'd say apply early and you'll have a nice chance. At the very least, apply EA to some schools if you don't wanna commit to an ED.</p>

<p>Low reaches, though just about as good as anyone else. The fact that your in choirs and it seems you would then have in interest in singing will probably set you apart.</p>

<p>see the thing with choir is that i made all-states...but does that matter? i want to do what is best for me in the long run...would staying with choir or taking a more rigorous schedule with econ help?</p>

<p>hmmm...all-states-congrats.....probably if you stay with the choir and express a passion for singing/choir in your essay would be a better idea....though don't let me sway you...</p>

<p>don't a lot of people write about music, though? how would it set me apart?</p>

<p>To tell you the truth, I've only come across one other person on CC who is mentioning their interest in singing--though I can't say that it's representative. Everyone else has a music 'passion' for violin or piano. Think about it this way....practically everyone has tough courses and high grades/scores...a more rigorous schedule might be only as effective as the difference between 150 community service hrs and 100 hrs....</p>

<p>can't say for sure though...</p>

<p>Consider the instate TCNJ and the instate Rider University. In terms of pure pure education, they're probably better than Harvard, just cuz Harvard's TA's teach a big slew of classes. But obviously, they're nowhere close as good as the Ivies or even Public Ivies like the UC's, Miami of Ohio, and Pitt...</p>