Chances at Harvard?

<p>2400 (Enough Said)
Caption of three sports (Basketball, Football, Tennis)
4.0 GPA
Nobel Prize Winner (Chemistry)
800 X 3 = SAT IIs
Parents donated a building
Both parents are Harvard Admissions officers
My uncle was Albert Enstein
Great Grandfather Founded Harvard
Great Grandma was Ezra Cornell
My IQ could not be meaured, it was off the scale
I'm a URM
Helped find the cure for cancer...
Chances at HYPS?</p>

<p>wow...bitterness and sarcasm abound...i would laugh, but i think i'll save it for something truly funny.</p>

<p>Wow.. its sad how some people on this forum were unfortunately born without a personality.</p>

<p>i agree with neemi.....sorry man</p>

<p>I disagree.</p>

<p>But unfortunately IHATESAT, you know the answer... nobody is a shoo-in at Harvard. Especially not you, with your sub-par, mediocre stats. Lower your SATs and fail a few classes... then they might consider you.</p>

<p>this "fake post" thing is so overdone...if you're going to be funny, do something new</p>

<p>True, true.</p>

<p>Not funny.</p>

<p>sports caption's dont tend to attract HYPS</p>

<p>You are so rejected. I mean, nobel prize winner? I was get some award but like so what?</p>

<p>What did your parents donate? The toliet in the dorm?</p>

<p>Its Harvard we are talking about here, not some dumpster where people like you should go to...</p>

<p>Guys this was a JOKE... I'm sorry very few of you have a sense of humor...</p>

<p>We know it's a joke, just that it's been done too many times.</p>

<p>Sorry I sounded harsh, I was playing along as well but seemed to overdo it :P</p>

<p>darn it, i always mess things up X_X</p>

<p>i wonder who albert enstein is</p>

<p>Uh... he discovered electricity. Or something.</p>

<p>no no...that was George Washington. Alberto Einstein was a 16th century Spanish Monarch. </p>

<p>How do you people expect to get into guys don't know anything...</p>

<p>You probably wouldn't even get into your state college with those stats.</p>

<p>I'm not planning on doing the whole college thing. I still like to hang around the forums though</p>

<p>no offense, but why the heck would you want to go to harvard?</p>

<p>harvard = trash</p>