Chances at HBS 2+2?

<p>I'm a graduate student at Georgia Tech in ECE with a major in Computer Networking and a minor in Computer Science. I have also a BS followed by a MS in Telecommunications and Networks from the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, France which is one of the French Engineering Grandes Ecoles. I grew up in Morocco and lived there for 18 years. I was always top ranked in my class and have several awards. I spent two years studying intensive maths and physics preparing for the entry to the French engineering schools.</p>

<p>Currently I'm doing a research internship at a major telecommunication company in Tokyo for 6 months working on a very advanced technical subject as Software Defined Networks. I also did an internship last year at a Software Company in the south of France.</p>

<p>I'm willing to retake the GRE exam to improve my GRE verbal score. (Expected: V:156-160 Q:167-170). I have also strong recommenders: One American professor, One French professor and my Japanese supervisor.</p>

<p>My GPA is 3.82 / 4.00 at INP-Toulouse and 4.00/4.00 at Georgia Tech.</p>

<p>I have also received a job offer from my Japanese supervisor to continue working for the company at its headquarters in Tokyo. </p>

<p>I want to know please if I have any chances to get into this prestigious program or GSB? </p>

<p>Is there anything to improve in my profile before applying to the HBS 2+2 program?</p>

<p>Thanks folks,</p>

<p>Any helpful soul? Any comment would be helpful guys. Thank you!</p>