Chances at Ivies and Others...

<p>What are my chances at UPenn, Dartmouth, Cornell, Tufts, WashU St. Louis, Duke, and Emory? Thank you! My college list is not 100% done yet... those are schools I'm considering (I'm definitely applying to the first five though!) </p>

<p>White Male
Public School in NJ</p>

<p>SAT I: 1400 (750 math, 650 verbal) (Re-taking December, hoping for 1450+)
SAT II: Math2c 780, Writing 760, Spanish 710
Rank: 4 of 225
GPA: Weighted- 4.57, Unweighted- 3.80
Most rigorous courseload possible
AP's Junior Year: U.S. History, English Language, Computer Science (4's on all of them)
AP's Senior Year: Calc BC, Biology, Statistics, English Literature, Spanish Language</p>

<p>Student Government – 4 years (Business Manager(11), Treasurer (12))
Spanish Club – 4 years (President (11,12))
National Honor Society (Treasurer)
- Tutor for Math and Computer Science
Spanish Honor Society (Vice President)
- Tutor for Spanish at all levels
Habitat for Humanity (11,12)
JV and Varsity Tennis Teams – 4 years
Writer for school newspaper and school’s spanish newsletter
High School Writing Center (11,12)
- Peer Tutor for writing assignments
Volunteer w/ Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity, New Mexico (Summer 2004)
- 225+ hours of community service… 6 weeks... end of June to beginning of August</p>

<p>New Jersey Scholars Program
- Semi-Finalist (Summer 2004)</p>

<p>National Merit Commended Scholar</p>

<p>Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition
for Community Service, August 2004</p>

<p>Sorry if this post looks familiar, but I haven't really been getting many responses in the other threads... also, would any1 like to recommend some target schools for me, as most of those seem like reaches.. I have some safeties in mind, but didn't bother posting them b/c it would have been pointless.... Thanks again!</p>

<p>I think Emory is definitely a good target school for you and you have a very good chance of getting in there. I don't know what kind of programs you are interested in but if you are looking for a journalism school you might want to consider American in D.C. they also have other good programs and are less competitive than some schools. Are you looking to stay in a particular region? If not you might want to consider Lehigh, Northeastern. A really good website to check out is (princeton review's). If you set up your own free account and fill out their counselor o matic survey, they will list reach, good match, and safety schools that fit your preferences. It is really a great resource, especially if you still are not completely sure where you want to apply. It also gets you thinking about things you want to look for in a college beyond an academics standpoint. So I hope this helps - good luck!</p>

Thanks.... I'm undecided in terms of my major- therefore applyin to liberal arts schools or university that have schools of Arts and Science.... hope that makes sense
I've checked out, and honestly it wasn't very helpful, but thanks for the suggestion. Any other comments will be greatly appreciated!</p>


<p>Bump.. please help</p>

<p>i'd hope u have a good chance at those schools cuz my stats look so similar to urs, except for the unweighted gpa... 4.5798, 3.59 UW and a 1460 SAT's, ur ec's are good, i think u should apply to cornell, upenn, and dartmouth which are slight reaches probably, but u'd probably have a good shot... but what do i know... i'm a junior</p>

<p>Emory, Tufts and maybe Washington are good possibilities. The ivys doubtful.</p>

<p>Why exactly are the Ivies doubtful?</p>

<p>BUMP... some help, please</p>


<p>You have pretty good scores and stuff. However, Ivy admissions are quite random. You should be able to get into Cornell, though. My friend got into Cornell with similar scores. He had almost no ECs, though.</p>

<p>what about WashU St. Louis, Duke, and Emory</p>