Chances at Ivies and whatnot...

<p>Asian, girl, junior, competitive prep (boarding) school in NH</p>

<p>Chances at Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Stanford, Brown, UPenn? Tell me honestly what you think my chances are please!</p>

<p>GPA: 9.9 out of 11 (equivalent to 3.6 out of 4), unweighted (school does not weight)</p>

9th Grade
Algebra II, Trig
French 3, Intro to French Lit
Freshman English
Intro Bio
Ancient History (Greek, Roman, Medieval)</p>

<p>cum yr grade- 10.000 out of 11</p>

<p>10th Grade
AP Calc AB (school has 5 term calc sequence, each school yr is 3 terms)
AP French Lang
Sophomore English
Accel Chem (intro & AP in 1 yr)
Classical Physics</p>

<p>cum yr grade- 9.800 out of 11 (two yrs avg together = 9.9/11, class rank top 20%)</p>

<p>11th grade
AP Calc BC, Multivariable Calc (spring term)
AP French Lit
Junior English (AP)
AP Bio
US History (AP)</p>

<p>PSAT: 10th grade-225, 99th percentile</p>

<p>SAT I:
750M, 670V (taken in 7th grade, haven't taken since)</p>

Bio E-770
Math IIC-770

<p>AP Scores:
French Lang-5

1. Piano: competitions- NSO concerto competition (high school division), MMTA (1st, 3rd, 1st), MTNA (8th grade: state winner, 2nd at eastern division, 10th grade: state winner, participant in eastern division); concerts- school student concerts, requested to play for meditation, CAMSA, NEPTA; teach piano to community children, chamber music
2. Dance: Advanced Dance since freshman year (by tryouts), ballet, modern, Chinese tradional dancing, founder and head of Chinese dance club, member of Echappe (ballet club), perform for charities and foundations
3. Swimming: V. Swimming since freshman year
4. Chinese Student Organization: co-head, member since freshman year
5. tour guide for school
6. Math: AMC12-104.5, AIME-3, math/science tutor
7. Community Service: BigSib/LilSib (support group and big sib program for adopted asians), teach piano lessons, Headstart, dance for charities and foundations</p>

Math 3 award
Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholar
piano awards</p>

2003: CTY, JKC week w/ presidential classroom, China to teach English, MIT internship
2004: Harvard Summer School (Economics, grade:B), MIT internship</p>

<p>I know my grades dropped a little from freshman yr to sophomore yr, mainly because of the bigger piano competitions. Also, my GPA is unweighted but the classes I'm taking are relatively hard. My rank isn't that high because of my more difficult classes.</p>

<p>So please let me know! Thanks SO much~</p>

<p>What do you need to know? Your a typical smart asian....and your chances gettin into one of your top schools is good. Assuming your SAT scores will be over 1500, I'm sure at least one Ivy will accept you- but you never know, no one is a lock. Consider applying to some safety schools (do some research) and some other excellent universities such as Duke or Emory.</p>

<p>lol, thanks. I will definitely consider safety schools b/c I'll probably need them. On the other hand, my school is comprised of genius students, mainly international from Korea, who have perfect GPAs, amazing ECs, difficult courses, and everything. Also, many of my awards were from 8th grade and I haven't really had time to think since then. Hence my concern.</p>

<p>U know whats soo cool? Ur stats are just like mine! Check out mine on harvard ("Rate my chances!" thats what its called. I did piano competitions for the first 5 years then i didnt do em anymore but i wanna minor in piano. Im applying to harvard ea, upenn, and yale. My gpa is 3.833 but i got awesome ec's and pretty good sat scores. Check mine out and rate me!</p>

<p>bump bump. I'd really like more opinion please?! Especially from ppl from prep skools!</p>

<p>bump bump, More please</p>

<p>very impressive math schedule...</p>

<p>lol, thanks! but im not sure whether to take stats or continue with multivariable/linear algebra/differential equations. stats is known as a traditionally easy AP course, but it's useful. so which one?</p>

<p>You'll probably get in anywhere you want.</p>

<p>haha, St. Paul's eh?</p>

<p>My favorite author went there.</p>

<p>I'd say continue with the multivarible/linear algebra/differential equations. Stats is very easy and boring for a math person (as you seem to be).. you could probably self-study it if you really wanted to learn it.</p>

<p>anyway, good luck with admissions!</p>

<p>thanks! only problem is my schedule is busy that i probably wont have time to do self-study. but i could probably do it over the summer or smth.</p>

<p>gatsby- let me guess, fitzgerald? did he really go to st. pauls?</p>

<p>Wow pretty arrogant topic... No offense, but it's pretty obvious that you stand a good chance at getting into the Ivy League schools. Nothing can be secured about getting in, but you have a competitive edge. You're the typical overachiever that uses these forums. Worst case scenario, you settle for Stanford. <em>shudders</em></p>

<p>actually no, im sorry i gave that impression. i think the key-word is competitive boarding school. unless you go to one of them, it's kinda hard to understand the situation. it's a community within itself, and only the very best are picked. as for stanford, i really like it. it's one of my top choices although it is a reach.</p>

<p>oh cool- I'm also a junior Asian girl who's interested in Stanford (top choice, too) ^_^ I guess we'll get to have fun applying next year</p>

<p>yay! stanford is SO pretty. but so far, i think my number 1 choice is princeton xD</p>

<p>hey, anybody with more opinions please?~</p>

<p>Top choice is Princeton? favorite author went there ;-)</p>

<p>Your SAT score is decent, especially since you took it in 7th, but I don't believe schools pay much attention to when you take the test. So perhaps a Nov retake (you can be a standby) wouldn't hurt. Btw, I realize Exeter doesn't rank, but do you have any idea what your percentile is? I would think around 6-10 get into Princeton from there each year, so perhaps looking at the school's matriculation list (one with GPA and SAT scores) will give you a better idea of when you stand.</p>

<p>So Exeter, St. Paul's and Andover not rank? The three top high school's in the Country don't rank? Is that how they do it Top schools in NYC mostly do.</p>

<p>Good lord, her SAT is just "decent" and she took it in freaking seventh grade? It's spectacular!</p>