Chances at Ivies (p'ton ED)

Asian male (Korean) in central N.J.
competitive private school (we're pretty well represented at the Ivies)</p>

School does not rank.
My grades have been progressively improving over the years (from a B+/A- average freshman year to an A/A+ junior year)
I've taken the most rigorous courseload available.</p>

SAT I: 1480 first time (740V, 740M) 1550 second time (750V, 800M)
SAT II's: 660 IC (ouch), 790 Chem, 780 IIC, 760 Writing, 800 Bio-M
AP's: 5 BC Calculus, 4 US History, 5 Biology</p>

Classical piano for 12 years (numerous awards)
Glee Club/a cappella group (10-12)
NJ All-State Chorus (12)
German Club (12) co-president
Foreign Language Magazine (12) section editor
Volunteering at special-needs school (10-12)
Winter Musical (11-12)</p>

Rensellaer Mathematics and Science Award (12)
National Merit Semifinalist (12)
National German Exam High Scorer (10)
USA Biology Olympiad Semifinalist (11)
Honor Roll every semester (9-12)
AP Scholar (11)</p>

CTY after 9th grade
attended a piano music festival in Venice after 10th grade
UPenn's Summer Science Academy after 11th</p>

Editor of a corporate newsletter from 10th grade onward.</p>

<p>I'm working on my essays, which will hopefully be good. Recs will be good. I asked my AP Bio teacher and German teacher. My piano teacher's also writing the optional reference. I've already applied to UMich. I'm also applying to Princeton ED, and regular to probably Yale, Stanford, Hopkins, Penn, Columbia, and Northwestern.</p>

<p>with schools like princeton u never know, but ur bound to get into at least one of the elite ivies</p>

<p>Princeton and Yale are underrespresented with Asians so it's good! If I don't get into Harvard, I'm at least hoping that Yale or Princeton will accept me!</p>

<p>I was under the assumption that every elite college is overrepresented by Asians.</p>

<p>I think ForeverZero's will definitely not have a URM advantage at any ivy...</p>

<p>Wrong on the Asian advantage front!</p>

<p>whoa.. ur profile looks soo much like mine
i'm krn too, applying harvard ea this fall
i think you have a good chance of gettin in, esp w/ early decision, i'd say 2/3 chance of gettin in :-) best of luck to you!</p>