Chances at Ivies + UCs

<p>here are my specs</p>

GPA: 3.7
Most rigourous course taken apart from 1 subject (EAL)</p>

GPA: 4.0
self-studied AP Phyiscs B, macro/microeconomics, and statistics.
Received 5 on all four of them</p>

<p>(My school was a British school, thus didnt offer any AP courses)</p>

<p>Moved to a new school.</p>

UWGPA: 4.0
WGPA: havent calculated yet 4.5 something i guess
courses taken:
AP Calculus BC, Chemistry, Phyiscs C, US history, spanish honors, english honors</p>

<p>received 5 on calculus BC, physics, and chem. 4 on US history</p>

courses taken:
AP English language, and other honor classes (too busy writing applications so i only took 1 AP)</p>

<p>SAT: Math: 800 Verb: 760
Total: 1560 (taken twice)</p>

Chemistry: 800
Math IIC: 800
Physics: 800
Chinese (i studied chinese in year 9 and 10 only): 680
Writing: 740</p>

All of the EC's arent consistent as i moved to a new school</p>

<p>Year 9+10:
Rocket building team (make a life size rocket)
MUN member
Class leader (organize all events and lead the class)
Chess club</p>

<p>yaer 11+12:
Golf team founder
Math club president
Science club</p>

<p>I know I dont have much EC's but o well.</p>

<p>so... what do u think?</p>

<p>btw... my top choices are the following
1. MIT
2. Stanford
3. U-penn wharton
4. UC berkely</p>

<p>and prob i'll just try HYP RD</p>

<p>and i need to mention that i only did 2 years of basic chinese and yet i got a failry high score (but damn the natives... my percentile is so low!). and I continued on with a new foreign lang since junior with spanish.</p>

<p>i'm a korean living in Iowa (US citizenship)</p>

<p>and i got some math awards like AMC top of school and other extra not so important awards... and i conducted a independant research in soph and junior each about validity of general relativity theory and some stuff related to mechanics.</p>

<p>oya... i got a 150+ hours of community service at churches and libraries
i guess i can write some realli gd essays and some gd recs.</p>

<p>wut do u think/</p>

<p>and i would like to major in engineering related areas so MIT Stan and Berkeley are my top choices.. but if possible i would also want to study busieness at wharton. my ultimate reach is the Gerald fisher program if u ever heard of it, but its where u can do double major at wharton.</p>

<p>Don't know anything about UCs but most State schools are numbers driven so hard to imagine you won't get in. Stanford usually wants more well rounded with stronger ECs, as do HYP, so I give you lowest chance there. Certainly in at most lower ivies. Should be in at MIT.</p>